Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Companions and Canneries

Yesterday, as I was being crafty in my room, the bishop came over to ask me if I could volunteer at the Lindon Cannery today from 12-4.  Well, after evaluating my exceptionally busy schedule (watch Megamind with Emily, scrapbook, read, eat lunch....) I decided I could squeeze in 4 hours to see what this whole cannery business was about.  Mind you I have no idea how to can anything.

But it turns out, knowledge of canning wasn't necessary!  You see, attached to the cannery is what is called "The Bishop's Storehouse."  According to lds.org, "[they] distribute commodities to the poor and needy as requested by bishops. Bishops' storehouses also provide meaningful service opportunities for those receiving assistance and for those desiring to serve missions or to volunteer."  It's a store, except the people who go there have certain needs, and don't pay for their food in that moment with money.  But, it's still a store, with shelves that need stocking, and everything.  The funny thing is though is that you see a bunch of service missionaries.  People with black name tags.  Like the one I used to wear (except mine is in Spanish.  But it's just as cool).  And as I saw so many nametags, I think I began to believe that I was wearing my nametag again.  I mean, we did service as missionaries, and that's what I was doing.  Serving!  And the awesome part was, I even had a companion!  Another sister from my ward, Jennilyn, also came to help out.  So we spent about 2 1/2 hours restocking shelves, and then the last 1 1/2 hours putting rolls of toliet paper in plastic bags.  

But...for the first 2 hours, I subconsciously felt like I couldn't leave Jennilyn's side. As we walked back into the storeroom to get things to restock shelves, as we came back...she was always within my sight and hearing.  She was my companion, and I had to stay with her.  So I did.  But I didn't even realize I was feeling that way until about halfway through!  It probably was the closest I've felt to being on the mission again, you know, if something happens to your companion, you freak and you don't do anything else until you find her again. Because having your companion with you is SO incredibly important.  They dedicate a whole section of the Missionary Handbook to it.  So coming home, adjusting to NOT having a companion...well, it's just that: an adjustment.  I told Jennilyn about how I felt that she was my companion, and we laughed about it.  Silly RMs :D   

Anywho, helping out at the bishop's storehouse was pretty fun.  It was really neat too to see how there is so much help for those who need it, and really, how the church is organized perfectly to do it.  I remember on the mission having people tell us how well-organized our church was.  I then took the opportunity to testify to them that it is because this church was not organized by a man.  It was organized by Christ.  Therefore, it is perfect.  And each time I said that, I felt the Spirit testify in my heart that it was true.  Isn't it wonderful? :)  

Well, looks like it's back to living my life without a companion...oish.  Maybe I'll make my sister sleep in my room tonight....

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