Monday, September 26, 2011

Jamie's Letter Sept 26, 2011

Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I love getting birthday packages...Happy Birthday to me!!

Guess what. I got your package!! That you sent like..11 days ago, I think? So if you want to send me another one, go for it! I had to go into Chiclayo this morning to pick it up, and my package had been "randomly selected" to be opened and to see what the contents were. Almost pure candy. I loved it.

This week has been pretty good. We've found some really good investigators, all of them are part-member families, and they have potential to progress. You know what I love, is when people don't really have a good concept of Christ, or God, but still want to learn. Then we can start from ground zero, and we don't have to reform what they do, or traditions that they have. One cool experience I had this week:
We went to visit one sister who had been baptized about a year and half ago. Her husband isn't a member, but he attended church with her about a month ago. We finally talked to him Wednesday night for the first time. He was mentioning how he felt so good in the church, and how it was so well organized. I told him that it was because the church was not organized by a man-it was organized by Jesus Christ, and as I said that, I just felt so strongly the Spirit testify that it was true! And he's excited to go to the conference this sunday to listen to the prophet speak!

Delsa is doing well. She was confirmed yesterday, and she was so happy to be at church. We're trying to find her's a lot easier said than done. The members here have helped us with the work, more than my other wards, it feels like, but it's still good.

Laura and Emily want to serve missions? Awesome!! It really is the best decision of my life...And I know that I will be a much better wife and mother from what I have learned here on my mission. We haven't seen the conference from the relief society yet, but I am SO EXCITED to watch conference! I need it so much! And I love telling people about the chance that we have to hear our prophet speak today. It just makes things so much easier to explain about prophets.

Sorry this letter isn't longer...that's what happens when I get to chat with my mommy :) I'm praying for you so much, and I love you so much more than I ever knew. I know this is the work of the Lord, and I know he is blessing us for our efforts. Even when I'm not perfect. He helps me feel his love that he has for me and everyone else. I love being a missionary :)

Hna Williams

Monday, September 19, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Sept 19, 2011

Everyone that came to the baptism. It was a really good day! Definitely a memorable baptismal service for me!!

Delsa's baptism!! Her mom came to the baptism too! It's me, Delsa, her mom, and Hna Machuca!

At our zone conference Thursday. We were able to reunite with the elders from our old zone!
Bien chevere! (From right to left- Me, Hna Machuca, E Fabri, E Sandoval, E Wilde, E Cahuaza, E Infante, E Uriarte, and those below are E Leandro and E Encarnacion (yes, like Nacho Libre! ) E Fabri and E Cahuaza are no longer in our zone, but with our multi-zone conference we got to see them again. It was a good day!

Jamie's Letter Sept 19, 2011

Hello all-

Well, in spite of all the not-so-good news, I have some good news-We had a baptism yesterday!!! It was a really special experience. This young woman, Delsa, has waited for permission so long to be baptized! And we finally got it last Saturday! It was a such a beautiful experience. There were obstacles (there always are when we go to baptize). The font was filled with maybe a foot and a half of water, and afterwards there just wasn't water. (After the young man, Franco, said the prayer, she sat down in the water, and he baptized her. She was completely submurged, so it worked!) I figured also that this could be my birthday present to Grandma Williams :) Happy Birthday Grandma! After the baptism, she was just SO happy. She was glowing. And her mom came with her too. I'm pretty sure it was the first time that here mom has stepped foot inside one of our churches. I have hope for the distant future. Her mom still has a lot to leave behind. But it was a good experience! We baptized her after a regional conference. It was a broadcast video conference to all of the stakes in Peru! Pres Gonzalez, of the 70 spoke, along with Sis Beck, Eld Christofferson, and Pres Monson. Everyone, except Pres Monson, gave their talks in Spanish. I didn't know Eld Christofferson could speak Spanish, but he does so pretty well! They talked about the importance of family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study in the home. It was so good! So many people here need to do these things, but becuase they are so simple, they just don't. And it's frustrating, to know that they could be doing better, but for small and simple reasons, they aren't doing what they need to do! Well, I guess that's one of the reasons why we're here though. To encourage them :)

We also had our zone conference on Thursday. It was really good. We talked about how we can improve our contacts in the street, and how to begin teaching better. We also watched the devotional that Eld Holland gave in the MTC the tuesday after I left/the tuesday before Cameron entered the MTC. It was really good. I love listening to him talk, becuase he just has so much power and authority behind his words.

Well, with all of the crazy things happening back at home, all I can say is you have to keep pressing forward (Seguir adelante). With a firm hope in Christ. I love 2 Nephi 31:20. It's amazing. And Ether 12:4. And I could give you a list of a bunch more scriptures that I just love.

Well, I know this isn't a super long email. But I want you to know that I love you so much. Thank you for all of your love and support for me. I really don't know what I would do without the gospel in my life, and for that, I'm here now :) Keep moving forward :)

Love, Hna Williams

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jamie's Letter Sept 12, 2011

Hi Mom and Dad And Cameron and Lauraand Emily
How are you? I'm sorry I missed you last week. And It looks like I'll miss you today too But I have faith that one day we will be reunited as a family and you will all be asking me to be quiet, to stop talking about the mission. (Speaking of being reunited with family, Hna Lopez goes home today!!!! And I now have the same time in the mission that she did when I first came. GAH!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has passed!

It looks like Hna Machuca has gastritis (which every other person here has also...oish.) But it's nothing serious. The doctor wants her to go in and have an ultrasound sometime this week. She doesn't want to, but if the doctor sends for it, she'll go, and the mission will pay for it.... I really have no desire to be a patient in the hospitals here...

And Aunt JaNae is in my prayers and my fasts. Wow. But she's strong, and we're strong too. Maybe things won't turn out like we would want, but there is always room to grow, to become closer to our Heavenly Father. Ilarene told me once that there are people in this world that just won't give into temptation. That it's almost impossible for Satan to tempt them because of their faithfulness. But they still need to be tried. And so they have health problems. I feel like Aunt JaNae is one of those people

Yeah, I can wear shirts on P-Day with words :) Just not when I proselyte. But I would love to have another P-Day shirt or two. As far as the shoes goes, I don't know. I've heard that too, but not from people here. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to put them in different packages. Just do what feels better. And yes, I would LOVE Christmas stickers!

This week has been good. We've been struggling this week to contact people due to minor illnesses, but in spite of all of this, the Lord really blesses us. Saturday, we went to visit with the mom of one of our best investigators, Delsa. She's been coming to church, going to Seminary since before we came. But her mom hasn't given her permission. When we first came, it was "no. She's not going to be baptized." After a reactiviation that we had, when Hna Amelia came with us to visit her, it was "I'll think about it." WEll, we're making progress. Delsa has wanted to be baptized too, but her mom just hasn't let her. She says she wants to see her change first, not yell and hit her younger siblings (and then I see her mom, and I wondered where she learned it all...) Anywho, we went to visit just her mom on Saturday. And we talked with her, we asked her about her daughter, what she wanted for her. She said that she wanted Delsa to change, that maybe later she could be baptized. We explained what baptism was, what it meant. And we asked her if she felt that Delsa has changed. She said that in this week, Delsa has only yelled at her siblings, that she hasn't hit them (hey. We're making progess!) We both shared our experiences with our siblings, how we've fought with them, but how the Gospel has really made a difference in our relationships. Really, I feel that without the Gospel, we would never be this close. We were only with her for a half hour, but finally, she said yes!!! She signed the permission slip that I now have very carefully guarded in my scriptures, and we have plans for her baptism this Sunday. When we told Delsa, she could not believe it! Before we went to visit her mom, Delsa prayed, and she asked that her mom could sign that permission slip that day. I remembered this, and prayers were not so much to get her permission, but that the Lord could show to her, a 15-year-old girl, that Heavenly Father answers prayers (just like He taught me when I forgot my violin at home, and mom brought it to me.) She was SO happy! And the people in the ward are really supportive of her. Her mom said she would even come to the baptism. I know that the Gospel really blesses the lives of people here. Of people everywhere!

Well, we keep working here, in the work of the Lord. It's wonderful, it's hard, it's fun, it' changing. How cool is that! Keep on praying, doing what you know is right. Praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church. I've learned here that if you're doing these 3 things, it's a lot harder to succomb to temptation. It's such a protection. I love the Gospel so much! Thank you for all of your love and support!
Hna Williams

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jamie's Letter Sept 5, 2011


(If You want to send me another pair of shoes, I wouldn't complain! My tracting shoes are doing well. The only thing is that the elastic part on the strap is getting close to breaking. It broke on one of my shoes, and yeah, it's kind of fixed, but it'll probably break again. I like my tan shoes though. If you wanted to send me something similar to those, I would like that. Color??? Black or brown. I'm not too picky though!)

Anywho. On to more important things. FYI, our p-days go something like this: Wake up, clean, leave for Chiclayo, or to chill at Hna Amelia's house in Pomalca. We eat lunch with her, if I'm feeling up to it, I make something yummy (like cheesecake brownies), we chill, listen to music, talk about our experiences during the week with the other missionaries, then in the afternoon we leave to play volleyball. What happened last week is that some people wanted a little more time to play volleyball in the afternoon, so they wanted to go to internet in the morning. I think I like going in the afternoon better. And here we are! Yeah, you can send me a CD. I have access to a computer to put it on my MP3. I got your letter with the 94 cents stuff. I think that's funny becuase I bought those stamps to send Christopher Merrick letters when he was in Australia. Little did I know that they would be used to send me letters on my mission in Peru! I still haven't gotten the other letter, if you want to send me another copy.

Yay BYU!!!!! I knew my cougars would be blessed and taken care of even while I'm gone on my mission!

This week has been good. We took Hna Machuca to have an endoscopy. I got to see her stomach! And her esophogus! It' :) They gave her a general anethestic though, so we lost Saturday to this. We didn't work very much. While we were waiting though, I talked to a sister that lived in a town called Motupe (a really catholic town). She told me she didn't believe in a church. Just God. Because all the churches were corrupt. I talked to her about the restoration, and she was asking me a bunch of questions. It hit me that I'm planting a lot of seeds too. How wonderful is this Gospel. AFterwards, I got to go shopping with Hna Risso to buy what I wanted to eat for lunch...I felt like I was grocery shopping with mom again. (I made my own hamburger. It was pretty good, if I do say so myself).

In the afternoon though, we did go to visit one girl, Elizabeth (different Elizabeth from a couple of weeks ago.) We had visited her once before, asked her to pray about being baptized, but when we verified with her, she said that she was catholic, and she wanted to be confirmed next year. We didn't press the matter of baptism much, but I prayed to know what she needed, and the thought came "El Plan de Salvacion" (I'm getting to the point where the Spirit can talk to me in Spanish!!! Cool!!!) We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and at the end, her face was just so happy, because her dad passed away about 5 months ago. At the end she was asking us about church, when the meetings were and everything. It was really cool.

Her older sister, Lourdes, is also one of our best investigators. She's 18, and she's got a lot of questions. But she came to church yesterday, and she really liked it. She's reading the Book of Mormon too! It's people like this that make leaving all of you worth it. I love being a missionary. Just in case you were wondering. The Lord blesses us so much. I've learned so much too, about the Gospel. And I love knowing that in some small way, I've helped to change people's lives. For example, right now our ward mission leader is a 19'year old young man named Rafael. He's getting ready to go on a mission. When we came, he had started his papers, but he still had a lot to do. He didn't want to go and get his medical stuff done, because he's scared of needles and he didn't wanted to get his blood drawn. But I know how much missions are amazing, and how much he needed to go on a mission (his mom isn't a member-his dad was baptized 30 years ago, but he hasn't been to church since...). I challenged him (like I would with any investigator) to go on July 7 to get his blood drawn. And he accepted (Yes, I chose it because it was dad's birthday). And he did. Yesterday, he told us that if it wasn't for us, for that challenge, he would still be in the same place, scared, and waiting for his mission papers and everything. His papers are with the stake president now, almost ready to send off to Salt Lake. Bueno, at least I can help others go on a mission, right? :)

I'm so grateful for this gospel though. It really changes people, and I LOVE it!!!! Seriously, anything you want to send me, send me. Anything american, I promise I'll love it!

I know this is the true church! Keep doing what you know is right!
Hna Williams

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jamie's Pictures August 29, 2011

Me and Hna Muchuca in front of the piano in the mission home.

Our wonderful district on our last P-day together
L-R Hna Machuca, Elder Fabri, Elder Infante, Elder Sandoval, Elder Cahuaza,
and me and Hna Amelia in front.

Everyone that came to Oscar's baptism!