Monday, September 26, 2011

Jamie's Letter Sept 26, 2011

Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I love getting birthday packages...Happy Birthday to me!!

Guess what. I got your package!! That you sent like..11 days ago, I think? So if you want to send me another one, go for it! I had to go into Chiclayo this morning to pick it up, and my package had been "randomly selected" to be opened and to see what the contents were. Almost pure candy. I loved it.

This week has been pretty good. We've found some really good investigators, all of them are part-member families, and they have potential to progress. You know what I love, is when people don't really have a good concept of Christ, or God, but still want to learn. Then we can start from ground zero, and we don't have to reform what they do, or traditions that they have. One cool experience I had this week:
We went to visit one sister who had been baptized about a year and half ago. Her husband isn't a member, but he attended church with her about a month ago. We finally talked to him Wednesday night for the first time. He was mentioning how he felt so good in the church, and how it was so well organized. I told him that it was because the church was not organized by a man-it was organized by Jesus Christ, and as I said that, I just felt so strongly the Spirit testify that it was true! And he's excited to go to the conference this sunday to listen to the prophet speak!

Delsa is doing well. She was confirmed yesterday, and she was so happy to be at church. We're trying to find her's a lot easier said than done. The members here have helped us with the work, more than my other wards, it feels like, but it's still good.

Laura and Emily want to serve missions? Awesome!! It really is the best decision of my life...And I know that I will be a much better wife and mother from what I have learned here on my mission. We haven't seen the conference from the relief society yet, but I am SO EXCITED to watch conference! I need it so much! And I love telling people about the chance that we have to hear our prophet speak today. It just makes things so much easier to explain about prophets.

Sorry this letter isn't longer...that's what happens when I get to chat with my mommy :) I'm praying for you so much, and I love you so much more than I ever knew. I know this is the work of the Lord, and I know he is blessing us for our efforts. Even when I'm not perfect. He helps me feel his love that he has for me and everyone else. I love being a missionary :)

Hna Williams

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