Monday, September 19, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Sept 19, 2011

Everyone that came to the baptism. It was a really good day! Definitely a memorable baptismal service for me!!

Delsa's baptism!! Her mom came to the baptism too! It's me, Delsa, her mom, and Hna Machuca!

At our zone conference Thursday. We were able to reunite with the elders from our old zone!
Bien chevere! (From right to left- Me, Hna Machuca, E Fabri, E Sandoval, E Wilde, E Cahuaza, E Infante, E Uriarte, and those below are E Leandro and E Encarnacion (yes, like Nacho Libre! ) E Fabri and E Cahuaza are no longer in our zone, but with our multi-zone conference we got to see them again. It was a good day!

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