Monday, September 12, 2011

Jamie's Letter Sept 12, 2011

Hi Mom and Dad And Cameron and Lauraand Emily
How are you? I'm sorry I missed you last week. And It looks like I'll miss you today too But I have faith that one day we will be reunited as a family and you will all be asking me to be quiet, to stop talking about the mission. (Speaking of being reunited with family, Hna Lopez goes home today!!!! And I now have the same time in the mission that she did when I first came. GAH!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has passed!

It looks like Hna Machuca has gastritis (which every other person here has also...oish.) But it's nothing serious. The doctor wants her to go in and have an ultrasound sometime this week. She doesn't want to, but if the doctor sends for it, she'll go, and the mission will pay for it.... I really have no desire to be a patient in the hospitals here...

And Aunt JaNae is in my prayers and my fasts. Wow. But she's strong, and we're strong too. Maybe things won't turn out like we would want, but there is always room to grow, to become closer to our Heavenly Father. Ilarene told me once that there are people in this world that just won't give into temptation. That it's almost impossible for Satan to tempt them because of their faithfulness. But they still need to be tried. And so they have health problems. I feel like Aunt JaNae is one of those people

Yeah, I can wear shirts on P-Day with words :) Just not when I proselyte. But I would love to have another P-Day shirt or two. As far as the shoes goes, I don't know. I've heard that too, but not from people here. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to put them in different packages. Just do what feels better. And yes, I would LOVE Christmas stickers!

This week has been good. We've been struggling this week to contact people due to minor illnesses, but in spite of all of this, the Lord really blesses us. Saturday, we went to visit with the mom of one of our best investigators, Delsa. She's been coming to church, going to Seminary since before we came. But her mom hasn't given her permission. When we first came, it was "no. She's not going to be baptized." After a reactiviation that we had, when Hna Amelia came with us to visit her, it was "I'll think about it." WEll, we're making progress. Delsa has wanted to be baptized too, but her mom just hasn't let her. She says she wants to see her change first, not yell and hit her younger siblings (and then I see her mom, and I wondered where she learned it all...) Anywho, we went to visit just her mom on Saturday. And we talked with her, we asked her about her daughter, what she wanted for her. She said that she wanted Delsa to change, that maybe later she could be baptized. We explained what baptism was, what it meant. And we asked her if she felt that Delsa has changed. She said that in this week, Delsa has only yelled at her siblings, that she hasn't hit them (hey. We're making progess!) We both shared our experiences with our siblings, how we've fought with them, but how the Gospel has really made a difference in our relationships. Really, I feel that without the Gospel, we would never be this close. We were only with her for a half hour, but finally, she said yes!!! She signed the permission slip that I now have very carefully guarded in my scriptures, and we have plans for her baptism this Sunday. When we told Delsa, she could not believe it! Before we went to visit her mom, Delsa prayed, and she asked that her mom could sign that permission slip that day. I remembered this, and prayers were not so much to get her permission, but that the Lord could show to her, a 15-year-old girl, that Heavenly Father answers prayers (just like He taught me when I forgot my violin at home, and mom brought it to me.) She was SO happy! And the people in the ward are really supportive of her. Her mom said she would even come to the baptism. I know that the Gospel really blesses the lives of people here. Of people everywhere!

Well, we keep working here, in the work of the Lord. It's wonderful, it's hard, it's fun, it' changing. How cool is that! Keep on praying, doing what you know is right. Praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church. I've learned here that if you're doing these 3 things, it's a lot harder to succomb to temptation. It's such a protection. I love the Gospel so much! Thank you for all of your love and support!
Hna Williams

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