Monday, August 29, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 29, 2011

Hey Mom :)
How are you? I'm glad you like reading my letters. It's makes this hour or so that we get worth it all :) I still haven't gotten the other letter about girls camp and the cabin. We'll see if it comes this week, and if not, you can send me another copy of it. rolls, smarties, sweethearts, butterfingers...basically a little bit of everything! :) I got stickers with the Canada letter! And I love stickers! I got the letter from Richie's blog. Wow. We really have an AWESOME family.

It sounds like we're kind of passing for a rough patch in our family. Wow. But despite all of this, the gospel is still true! I've really had to focus on that this week. It's been kind of a different week, with cambios and everything. We stayed in our area but our DL, Eld Cahuaza left, along with one of our other elders, Eld Fabri. Really, I have learned so much from both of them. I'm gonna miss them tons, but hey! We're still in the same mission, so we'll probably see them again, in zone conferences and whatnot.

We had a fun little adventure friday. Hna Machuca had some nasty canker sores in her mouth, and she had had them for about a week. Finally, we called our leaders, and they asked if we wanted them to call Hna Risso. We said yes. A little bit later, she called us, and told us to go to the hospital (the same one where we took Hna Lopez when she fainted). We met the elders there at 8 pm, Friday night. They told us that we would spend the night in the misison home, so we brought stuff accordingly. She went in and saw the doctors. APparently, she has something similar to gastritis. It seems like a lot of people here have it...I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the food. They cook with like 1-2 cups of oil...blech! Anywho, he gave her stuff to cure it. Afterwards, we went to a chapel in Chiclayo, to find Pdte and Hna Risso (and oddly enough, it was the ward where Eld Fabri is now working). We got to visit with Eld Fabri for a few minutes-it was good to see him again. Then Pdte and Hna Risso asked me and Hna Machuca what we wanted to eat for dinner (it was about 10 pm at this time). Hna RIsso asked if I wanted pizza. Sure! I thought she was joking. Before I knew it though, we were pulling into Real Plaza, which is the mall here in Chiclayo. Where we have to get permisison from Pdte to go, even on P-Days. WE got out of the car, and the four of us went inside. I felt like a kid in a candy store! We got some Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut (what is this?? THe US???) And went to the misison home. OH MY WORD!!! It is so gorgeous! It's small, but so gorgous! We loved it! It was a fun adventure for us.

Yesterday Oscar was confirmed in Church. It was a good experience too. He just looked so happy! He told us that this week in his work he's just felt so much better, and he was so excited to belong to this church. It's moments like this, people like this, that make all of this work worth it. Even when my cat dies, and I'm not there to cry and console my family, there's nothing better than this work. Send my love to everyone there. Tell Aunt JaNae that I love her, and I'm praying for her, and our family.

And if you could send some scrapbooking tape, that would rock too :)

WEll, I love you tons!! I know this gospel is true! I wouldn't be here otherwise! Keep on working hard, doing what you know is right!
Hna Williams

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 22, 2011

Hello my family!
I haven't tried the bug repellant yet. I need to though. I'm going to have beautiful scars on my legs from the stupid mosquitos-great reminders of my mision. The brownies were wonderful. As always, the elders loved them. You can send jerky if you want. And maybe a little bit of halloween candy, if you want. Oh, maybe a little journal. I'm about 2/3 of the way done with my journal and only 1/2 done with my misison. I don't think I need a big one-a little one should suffice for the other 1/3 that I will have. And sticky notes. Do you know how wonderful sticky notes are? They are perfect for writing people a little note when they aren't home, and they fit perfectly in my agendas. I got the letter from Canada this week. I laughed so hard about the "DOGRVR" License plate! (I haven't seen any license plates from Saskatchewan here, but I did see one from Florida about 4 months ago...) I'm excited to go back to Canada next summer. Time goes by so quickly! I also got a letter from Bro Bemis, which actually came just when I needed it. Thank him for me, if you could :)

Why did Cameron get in a car accident? Doesn't he know that car wrecks are bad for your health? And cancer too! :( Tell Aunt JaNae that she will definitely be in my prayers, and that I love her, and that I am so grateful for her wonderful example for me.

We had a baptism yesterday! Oscar was baptized! I can't remember if I've told you about him or not. His parents are members-he's about 35 though. But it was a good experience. His dad got to baptize him. I thought that was kind of cool. A lot of dads get to baptize their kids when they are 8, not when they're 35. (I would send pictures, but I don't have my adapter with me right now :( )I'm really glad that my dad could baptize me. And that he has the priesthood-it's great. Thanks dad :) I love you!

We're still working with our other investigators too. We brought 7 kids to the church yesterday (5 are over the age of 8). We're still working on their parents, trying to get them to see the beauty of the gospel, but I think if we keep working with the kids, they'll eventually come, and have an interest. We also had 5 other investigators come to church too! We're working with a young woman, Delsa. I can't remember if I've told you about her or not. I can't remember what I've written in the weeks past. Anywho, she's been coming to church religiously since we've come, she goes to seminary, and she wants to be baptized. But her mom doesn't want her too. But we challenged her to be baptized on Sep 3, and she accepted. The only thing she needs is permission. And we're gonna keep working with her to get that permission. But we put that goal, and we have faith that the Lord will help us reach our goals.

We had cambios today. Hna Machuca and I are staying in Tuman for another cambio. Yupi!! (That also means that we'll be here for General Conference! I can't believe that it's almost time for that again! It'll be awesome!) Our DL, Eld Cahuaza, is leaving :( He and his companion, Eld Infante, have helped us out so much in this cambio, as I was learning how to train, how to be the senior companion. I have so much respect for them, and we're sad to see Eld Cahuaza go (he goes home in November too, so it's not likely that we'll be in the same zone again). But as with every change, I know that there are other people that I need to know, and that I will be grateful for all of the changes that happen in my mission.

Other than that, it's life as usual as a missionary. We keep knocking doors, talking to people about the Gospel, and feeling the Spirit. I love this Gospel so much. I wouldn't change my decision to serve a misison for anything. It has been the best thing that I could have done with my life (it definitely hasn't been easy, but if it wasn't easy, I wouldn't grow). They are doing some construction on the roads here between Tuman and Pomalca. We went to Pomalca Friday for Oscar's interview. While we were on the road, we had to stop and wait for the other lane of traffic to pass (it's a 2-lane road, one lane in each direction. You know. We've played that game before). It reminded me of all of the construction in Utah, how I don't miss that at all. And then it reminded me of the analogy I made back when I was stuck in traffic. We hate all of the delays, all of the construction, all of the slowing down that we have to do. At times it is an inconvience. But when it's done, and we have a wonderful new road, we understand what all of the struggle was for. Life is like that. We struggle. We have so much inconvience, and it frustrates us sometimes. But when it's done, we are so happy for what we have become. How maravilloso is the Gospel, that it allows us to grow. I really am "under construction" here in the mission.

I know that the Gospel is true. Thank you for all of the love and support that you give me. There are elders here in the mission that don't have the kind of support that I have, and it just makes me even more grateful for you all. I love you all so much.

I'll talk to you all later!
Hna Williams

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jamie's Pictures August 15, 2011

Me and Hna Amelia in her kitchen. I just think this is an awesome pic of us!

Oh! I bought Nutella!!!! So good!!!
And I shared a little with some of the elders & Hna Amelia.
They loved it too!!

The hermanas playing ninja!! That was fun :)

A cool pic that Hna Machuca took of me last week when we went to sipan.

I just thought it was......really really really cool!

Jamie's Letter August 15, 2011

Hello my familia. Como estan?
Les extraño mucho. You know what's weird? I'm so used to thinking in Spanish now, but to write Spanish still is weird for me. I can talk, think, listen, all in Spanish, but I still struggle a little to write in Spanish. I think it's because when I write, I have to think about the grammar more. To talk in Spanish, I just need to the jist of what they are saying.

Anywho, little sidenote about Spanish there. Wow. I LOVE being a missionary! This week has been really good. Friday we had a "reactivation" in Tuman. Eld Cahuaza and his comp, Eld Infante came along with Hna Amelia, and Eld Fabri and Eld Sandoval from our district. They went on splits with the bishopric, and Hna Amelia came with us. We went and visited one of the young women that we are teaching named Delsa. She wants to be baptized, but her mom won't let her because then she won't be able to drink and party and stuff. Imagine that. Anywho, her mom was there, and Hna Amelia was basically amazing with her (Amelia is an RM-served here in Peru Lima Norte mision-so she knows the ropes of missionary work). She talked to this woman that was cold, and by the end, she got her to agree to think about letting her daughters be baptized. Which is a lot more than we ever got from her.

Saturday, we went looking for a referral that the elders gave us from when they were tracting Friday. We didn't find the address we were looking for, but we found a family! There's a mom (her husband also lives with them, but we haven't met him yet) and 5 or 6 kids. I haven't quite figured it all out yet. But 4 or 5 of them have 8 years or more. They had listened to the missionaries before, but a long time ago. We taught them about prophets, and left them a Book of Mormon with Moroni 10 to read, and invited them to church. The kids said that they wanted to go, so we arranged to pick them up at 8:30. When we got there at 8:30, the oldest, Elizabeth (13 years) sat down next to me, showed me the book of mormon, and then said "we prayed first, like you told us to, and then we read all of the chapter, and then we prayed afterwards." I just about cried. I could hardly speak. I feel like with most of our investigators it's pulling teeth to get them to read the book of Mormon. The mom couldn't come to church with us, but Elizabeth, her 4 younger siblings and her cousin all went. During Sunday School, she and her cousin were with us in the Gospel Principles class. She said "I'm baptized in the Catholic church, and I've had my first communion, but can I still come to this church?" Um...YES!! :) She wanted to know where to sign up...I explained a little bit about baptism, but that we were going to explain more about it later on, how it was more than just a way to sign up to go to church, but a promise. She was really receptive though. Afterwards, she went to YW, and we went to RS. We talked with the YW Pres afterwards though, and she said that Elizabeth was participating in the lesson, from the little bit of what she had read in the book of mormon. Holy cow. This young woman is pretty much amazing. As we went to drop them off at their house, she asked me more about baptism. When we got to their house, all of the kids started talking to their mom about how cool church was, and what they had all learned. Elizabeth told her mom that she was going to be baptized a second time. That kind of caught her mom off guard, but I told her that we were going to explain better what all baptism meant when we came back. The mom said that she would like to go to church too, but the mornings are kind of hard. But I think if her kids are animated enough, she'll want to go. Now we just need to find her husband (and hope that they are married...cross your fingers!) Oh, something else amazing. Elizabeth will be 14 on October 28. Wonderful?? I think so. It just makes me love this girl even more!

Today, P-Day, was also really cool. Oh! I got your package!!! Thank you so much! My eyes are so much happier to have the contact solution from the US and not from here. You'll need to send me one more bottle, and I'll be good for the rest of my mission (one bottle lasts me 3 1/2 months). Other things to send me-mini BoM, yeah, would be cool. More gel pen refills of the black pens we like, scrapbook tape with a refill or two. Treats...whatever you want really. Today for lunch, we ate pizza :) We went to Tottus, (the superstore of Peru) and bought Pizza like Papa Murphys. I added more pineapple to it to have a wonderfully hawaiian pizza. Afterwards, I made some cheesecake brownies, using the Lehi Roller MIlls brownie mix that you sent and a cream cheese topping recipe. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks really good. Afterwards we played some twister (elders and sisters separately, of course), and ninja (the game that we play at the cabin) and volleyball. I love it. I have an awesome district. We have changes next Monday. And our district will probably change some. :( It makes me sad, but I just have to keep remembering that when things change, I have the opportunity to make new friends and have more amazing experiences.

Well, my family, that's about all for now. I love you somuch, and am so grateful to be a missionary here. Thanks for all of your support. I love you bunches!
Hna Williams

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jamie's Pictures August 8, 2011

Yeah! This is a foto of us today outside of Sipan.

It was pretty cool!

My zone is what made it cool :)

Us at the training.

I was SO happy!!!!
I almost almost cried. But I didn't. No worries.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 8, 2011

Hello again :)
Once again it's Monday and once again I am writing you. How are you my family? I hope you all are doing well. I'm excited to get your letters! I was reading a little bit through the letter you sent me for what you did for Laura's birthday, and it made me happy. I like getting mail all the way down here :)

I still haven't gotten the package. I'm hoping that it didn't get lost, but that's always a possibility here in Peru. And I haven't gotten a letter yet either (although tell Erin I got her Dear Elder last Tuesday and I loved it!) We'll see if anything came tomorrow at our meetings.

This past week was a good week. We had a training meeting Thursday with all of the trainers in the mission and their new companions, which meant that I went with Hna Machuca. It was so good for me to recognize the things that I need to improve, to be a better trainer. I'm almost positive that I'll train again at least once during my mission. Becuase we are going to get 80 or so new missionaries from now until December I think. We're opening 5 new areas in the mission in this next transfer, which is the 22nd. One of them is in our stake, Pomalca. It's a small branch in a small town called Pucalá. It'll be good to have another set of elders working in our area.

Our whole district was at our training meeting, because in each companionship there is someone with 3 months or less. There is a picture of our district with Pdte and Hna Risso, I think. And we also ate KFC. It was pretty much the best KFC of my life! And we ate french fries that weren't smothered in oil! It was amazing! All that was missing was the frosty (but 9 months goes by a lot faster than we think...) We ate as a district, since we were all there. I love my district. I don't know how many times I've put that in a letter, but it's true. We're all friends, but we're all working together, trying to support one another in our areas. And when one area maybe didn't do as well, we help each other. Our DL, Eld Cahuaza and his comp Eld Infante had a baptism this week of a young mom they found a couple of weeks ago. And I was so happy for them. And I don't even know their convert.

The family we found when we went down the wrong road is still there. The parents aren't married, which always is a setback. Their daughter had a baptismal date for this saturday, but she was in Reque (the town next to Monsefu) Sunday, and so she lost her date. But we're gonna keep working with her. It's not like it's the end. And we're hoping to find a "matrimonio massivo" (where they marry a bunch of people at once) soon. It's a lot cheaper that way.

We did have 2 of our other investigators attend church yesterday. They both have a baptismal date. One of them is named Raquel. Shes the aunt of one of the members of the bishopric. She was kind of afraid to come to church because she doesn't own any skirts. We told her she could come in the best that she had. What I was really concerned about was that she came! Because really, people can feel the difference when the come to church for the first time. Our other investigator is Oscar. He's about 30, his parents and younger siblings are members. He's just about ready to jump in the water. The only thing that he's missing now is lessons. The only problem is that from monday to sunday in the morning, he's working in Chiclayo. He gets off work at 6:00 am Sunday, and he travels here to Tuman to go to church with his family. Which means we can only teach him on Sundays. But he's reading the Book of Mormon, trying to understand more. It's great!

It's amazing to see how the Lord really is helping us. It's something that's absolutely wonderful. And to think about all of the seeds we're planting. I'm more thoroughly convinced that I won't see all of the results of my mission now.

Today we went to another cool museum place that talked more about Sipan, and the Lords of Sipan. I really think this is where they got the idea for Emporer's New Groove. You should watch the extras and see if they say anything about Lambayeque or Chiclayo or something like that. Or Peru. And then tell me next week. Because really. How perfect would that be for me. I knew I loved Emporer's New Groove for a reason :) So the other pictures you get will be from today. That is, assuming that they download faster...I'm thinking of burning some pictures onto a cd and sending you a cd. I don't want to send an SD card, but if I have copies of my pictures, I feel okay with that. I think that would be fun for you all.

Well, I'm gonna call this another letter. I love you all so much! And I know that the gospel is true!
hna Williams

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jamie's Pictures July 25, 2011

Me and Hna Amelia.

Really - I'm gonna be so sad when I'n transferred and I'm not here anymore!

Us cutting holes in the donut dough!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 1, 2011

Hello my dear family-

Cam-sorry I didn't send you my letter from last week. I forgot to put you and dad on my list of people to send letters to. But I still love you! Don't worry! We're still one totally cool awesome family, yeah?

Oh Waterton...Saturday and Sunday we eat lunch with the members. Sunday, the sister cooked us up some fish. It reminded me that you all were in Waterton, fishing...catch a couple of fish for me, k? Especially if it isn't too windy...ha! It's so funny because here it's "winter." It's basically Waterton weather. Still hot occasionally, but it gets down to...16-17, around there. And there are people walking around in the big puffy marshmellow winter coats... This isn't cold. Cold is scraping ice off of your windshield at 6:30 in the morning to go to work. Fun stuff though!

This week has been...well, not that exciting. It's been another week in the work of the Lord. We keep working. I have to remind myself that maybe we're not going to see the results right away. That this is more of a marathon than a sprint. And we're definitely in it for the long run.

Let's are our investigators....
Well, Mariela still wants to be baptized but she wants her mom to support her a little...I don't quite understand it. When she's finally baptized, it will be a miracle. But hey, we believe in miracles. Isn't it great? :)

We found one of our other investigators sober! We have been teaching Jose for...basically since we got here. He went 2 weeks without drinking, and then Peru lost in the Copa America (soccer) and was drunk for one week straight (he's been drinking since he was like 12, and now's he's in his 50s). Alcohol really is pathetic. So we're starting over again. But he came to church yesterday! We'll take every small victory we can right now! His niece and nephew are members, and are some of our best support here in the ward. His niece, Sarela, is probably one of my favorite YW here. She's 15, and she wants to go on a mission so much! Her older brother, Rafael, turns 19 in a couple of weeks, and is working on his mission papers. He's also our ward mission leader for now. They're good kids :) We've been working with all of them to try to help Jose get over his addiction. It definitely is a process.

One of the members in the ward wanted us to talk to her son, who's 30. He works in Chiclayo during all of the week, and then he comes home for Sunday. We taught him for the first time yesterday, and challenged him to be baptized. He accepted! Yupi! I love it when people find people for us. It might sound selfish, but it really is so much easier to work with references. We have found some really good people knocking doors, but it's so much more effective when the members help us out!

Saturday we found a pastor of an evangelist church. If I understood correctly he was more of the Baptist religion. But I'm kinda confused between all of the different religions who believes what-just like Joseph Smith. I'm so glad I know that this church is the true church, and that I have no doubt of that. It was a good conversation though. It wasn't like fighting with the Jehovah's Witnesses (their doctrine tires my spirit...I try to listen, but...uff....they're good people though.) We talked about the bible, many different passages in the scriptures. He talked about the Plan of Salvation, baptism. It sounded a lot like our church. They just lack the authority of the Priesthood. We explained this, and he kind of shrugged it off. But he accepted the Book of Mormon, and said he would read it. The Book of Mormon really can work miracles. I LOVE this book. With everything I have. I taught our district meeting Tuesday, and it was on the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, Elder Cahuaza gave us each of Book of Mormon, and told us to go out into the street and give it away. When we talk to people, normally we give away the pamphlets, and use the book of Mormon in the lessons we teach. But there have been moments when I've given away a Bookf of Mormon in the street. Hna Machuca was kind of nervous, but it was a good experience. We found 4 people for the elders to teach. There is SO MUCH POWER in that book. I love it so much.

Our district is really good too. The elders are all...bien chevre. (I'm not exactly sure how that translates in English...really cool? Maybe?) We all have our own problems in our own areas, but we keep working together, trusting in the Lord to bless us. And He does. Like you said Mom, we probably don't recognize just how much the Lord helps us. I've learned so much in the past month that I feel like I have in all of my mission. And I'm only halfway done. There is still so much for me to learn. I just hope I can do what I need to here.

Well my family, I love you so much! I hope you enjoy your time in Waterton! I love the Gospel so much!
Hna Williams