Monday, August 29, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 29, 2011

Hey Mom :)
How are you? I'm glad you like reading my letters. It's makes this hour or so that we get worth it all :) I still haven't gotten the other letter about girls camp and the cabin. We'll see if it comes this week, and if not, you can send me another copy of it. rolls, smarties, sweethearts, butterfingers...basically a little bit of everything! :) I got stickers with the Canada letter! And I love stickers! I got the letter from Richie's blog. Wow. We really have an AWESOME family.

It sounds like we're kind of passing for a rough patch in our family. Wow. But despite all of this, the gospel is still true! I've really had to focus on that this week. It's been kind of a different week, with cambios and everything. We stayed in our area but our DL, Eld Cahuaza left, along with one of our other elders, Eld Fabri. Really, I have learned so much from both of them. I'm gonna miss them tons, but hey! We're still in the same mission, so we'll probably see them again, in zone conferences and whatnot.

We had a fun little adventure friday. Hna Machuca had some nasty canker sores in her mouth, and she had had them for about a week. Finally, we called our leaders, and they asked if we wanted them to call Hna Risso. We said yes. A little bit later, she called us, and told us to go to the hospital (the same one where we took Hna Lopez when she fainted). We met the elders there at 8 pm, Friday night. They told us that we would spend the night in the misison home, so we brought stuff accordingly. She went in and saw the doctors. APparently, she has something similar to gastritis. It seems like a lot of people here have it...I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the food. They cook with like 1-2 cups of oil...blech! Anywho, he gave her stuff to cure it. Afterwards, we went to a chapel in Chiclayo, to find Pdte and Hna Risso (and oddly enough, it was the ward where Eld Fabri is now working). We got to visit with Eld Fabri for a few minutes-it was good to see him again. Then Pdte and Hna Risso asked me and Hna Machuca what we wanted to eat for dinner (it was about 10 pm at this time). Hna RIsso asked if I wanted pizza. Sure! I thought she was joking. Before I knew it though, we were pulling into Real Plaza, which is the mall here in Chiclayo. Where we have to get permisison from Pdte to go, even on P-Days. WE got out of the car, and the four of us went inside. I felt like a kid in a candy store! We got some Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut (what is this?? THe US???) And went to the misison home. OH MY WORD!!! It is so gorgeous! It's small, but so gorgous! We loved it! It was a fun adventure for us.

Yesterday Oscar was confirmed in Church. It was a good experience too. He just looked so happy! He told us that this week in his work he's just felt so much better, and he was so excited to belong to this church. It's moments like this, people like this, that make all of this work worth it. Even when my cat dies, and I'm not there to cry and console my family, there's nothing better than this work. Send my love to everyone there. Tell Aunt JaNae that I love her, and I'm praying for her, and our family.

And if you could send some scrapbooking tape, that would rock too :)

WEll, I love you tons!! I know this gospel is true! I wouldn't be here otherwise! Keep on working hard, doing what you know is right!
Hna Williams

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