Monday, August 8, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 8, 2011

Hello again :)
Once again it's Monday and once again I am writing you. How are you my family? I hope you all are doing well. I'm excited to get your letters! I was reading a little bit through the letter you sent me for what you did for Laura's birthday, and it made me happy. I like getting mail all the way down here :)

I still haven't gotten the package. I'm hoping that it didn't get lost, but that's always a possibility here in Peru. And I haven't gotten a letter yet either (although tell Erin I got her Dear Elder last Tuesday and I loved it!) We'll see if anything came tomorrow at our meetings.

This past week was a good week. We had a training meeting Thursday with all of the trainers in the mission and their new companions, which meant that I went with Hna Machuca. It was so good for me to recognize the things that I need to improve, to be a better trainer. I'm almost positive that I'll train again at least once during my mission. Becuase we are going to get 80 or so new missionaries from now until December I think. We're opening 5 new areas in the mission in this next transfer, which is the 22nd. One of them is in our stake, Pomalca. It's a small branch in a small town called Pucalá. It'll be good to have another set of elders working in our area.

Our whole district was at our training meeting, because in each companionship there is someone with 3 months or less. There is a picture of our district with Pdte and Hna Risso, I think. And we also ate KFC. It was pretty much the best KFC of my life! And we ate french fries that weren't smothered in oil! It was amazing! All that was missing was the frosty (but 9 months goes by a lot faster than we think...) We ate as a district, since we were all there. I love my district. I don't know how many times I've put that in a letter, but it's true. We're all friends, but we're all working together, trying to support one another in our areas. And when one area maybe didn't do as well, we help each other. Our DL, Eld Cahuaza and his comp Eld Infante had a baptism this week of a young mom they found a couple of weeks ago. And I was so happy for them. And I don't even know their convert.

The family we found when we went down the wrong road is still there. The parents aren't married, which always is a setback. Their daughter had a baptismal date for this saturday, but she was in Reque (the town next to Monsefu) Sunday, and so she lost her date. But we're gonna keep working with her. It's not like it's the end. And we're hoping to find a "matrimonio massivo" (where they marry a bunch of people at once) soon. It's a lot cheaper that way.

We did have 2 of our other investigators attend church yesterday. They both have a baptismal date. One of them is named Raquel. Shes the aunt of one of the members of the bishopric. She was kind of afraid to come to church because she doesn't own any skirts. We told her she could come in the best that she had. What I was really concerned about was that she came! Because really, people can feel the difference when the come to church for the first time. Our other investigator is Oscar. He's about 30, his parents and younger siblings are members. He's just about ready to jump in the water. The only thing that he's missing now is lessons. The only problem is that from monday to sunday in the morning, he's working in Chiclayo. He gets off work at 6:00 am Sunday, and he travels here to Tuman to go to church with his family. Which means we can only teach him on Sundays. But he's reading the Book of Mormon, trying to understand more. It's great!

It's amazing to see how the Lord really is helping us. It's something that's absolutely wonderful. And to think about all of the seeds we're planting. I'm more thoroughly convinced that I won't see all of the results of my mission now.

Today we went to another cool museum place that talked more about Sipan, and the Lords of Sipan. I really think this is where they got the idea for Emporer's New Groove. You should watch the extras and see if they say anything about Lambayeque or Chiclayo or something like that. Or Peru. And then tell me next week. Because really. How perfect would that be for me. I knew I loved Emporer's New Groove for a reason :) So the other pictures you get will be from today. That is, assuming that they download faster...I'm thinking of burning some pictures onto a cd and sending you a cd. I don't want to send an SD card, but if I have copies of my pictures, I feel okay with that. I think that would be fun for you all.

Well, I'm gonna call this another letter. I love you all so much! And I know that the gospel is true!
hna Williams

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