Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jamie's Letter August 1, 2011

Hello my dear family-

Cam-sorry I didn't send you my letter from last week. I forgot to put you and dad on my list of people to send letters to. But I still love you! Don't worry! We're still one totally cool awesome family, yeah?

Oh Waterton...Saturday and Sunday we eat lunch with the members. Sunday, the sister cooked us up some fish. It reminded me that you all were in Waterton, fishing...catch a couple of fish for me, k? Especially if it isn't too windy...ha! It's so funny because here it's "winter." It's basically Waterton weather. Still hot occasionally, but it gets down to...16-17, around there. And there are people walking around in the big puffy marshmellow winter coats... This isn't cold. Cold is scraping ice off of your windshield at 6:30 in the morning to go to work. Fun stuff though!

This week has been...well, not that exciting. It's been another week in the work of the Lord. We keep working. I have to remind myself that maybe we're not going to see the results right away. That this is more of a marathon than a sprint. And we're definitely in it for the long run.

Let's are our investigators....
Well, Mariela still wants to be baptized but she wants her mom to support her a little...I don't quite understand it. When she's finally baptized, it will be a miracle. But hey, we believe in miracles. Isn't it great? :)

We found one of our other investigators sober! We have been teaching Jose for...basically since we got here. He went 2 weeks without drinking, and then Peru lost in the Copa America (soccer) and was drunk for one week straight (he's been drinking since he was like 12, and now's he's in his 50s). Alcohol really is pathetic. So we're starting over again. But he came to church yesterday! We'll take every small victory we can right now! His niece and nephew are members, and are some of our best support here in the ward. His niece, Sarela, is probably one of my favorite YW here. She's 15, and she wants to go on a mission so much! Her older brother, Rafael, turns 19 in a couple of weeks, and is working on his mission papers. He's also our ward mission leader for now. They're good kids :) We've been working with all of them to try to help Jose get over his addiction. It definitely is a process.

One of the members in the ward wanted us to talk to her son, who's 30. He works in Chiclayo during all of the week, and then he comes home for Sunday. We taught him for the first time yesterday, and challenged him to be baptized. He accepted! Yupi! I love it when people find people for us. It might sound selfish, but it really is so much easier to work with references. We have found some really good people knocking doors, but it's so much more effective when the members help us out!

Saturday we found a pastor of an evangelist church. If I understood correctly he was more of the Baptist religion. But I'm kinda confused between all of the different religions who believes what-just like Joseph Smith. I'm so glad I know that this church is the true church, and that I have no doubt of that. It was a good conversation though. It wasn't like fighting with the Jehovah's Witnesses (their doctrine tires my spirit...I try to listen, but...uff....they're good people though.) We talked about the bible, many different passages in the scriptures. He talked about the Plan of Salvation, baptism. It sounded a lot like our church. They just lack the authority of the Priesthood. We explained this, and he kind of shrugged it off. But he accepted the Book of Mormon, and said he would read it. The Book of Mormon really can work miracles. I LOVE this book. With everything I have. I taught our district meeting Tuesday, and it was on the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, Elder Cahuaza gave us each of Book of Mormon, and told us to go out into the street and give it away. When we talk to people, normally we give away the pamphlets, and use the book of Mormon in the lessons we teach. But there have been moments when I've given away a Bookf of Mormon in the street. Hna Machuca was kind of nervous, but it was a good experience. We found 4 people for the elders to teach. There is SO MUCH POWER in that book. I love it so much.

Our district is really good too. The elders are all...bien chevre. (I'm not exactly sure how that translates in English...really cool? Maybe?) We all have our own problems in our own areas, but we keep working together, trusting in the Lord to bless us. And He does. Like you said Mom, we probably don't recognize just how much the Lord helps us. I've learned so much in the past month that I feel like I have in all of my mission. And I'm only halfway done. There is still so much for me to learn. I just hope I can do what I need to here.

Well my family, I love you so much! I hope you enjoy your time in Waterton! I love the Gospel so much!
Hna Williams

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