Monday, July 25, 2011

Jamie's Letter July 25, 2011

I'm so glad you all made it up to canada all right. Take some good pictures for me, k? And catch a couple of fish for me too!

Life here is going well. We keep working, even when we don't necessarily see the results we want exactly when we want them. We had one gal, Mariela, who was finally ready for baptism. She's 31, has 2 kids..I think I wrote about her before. anywho, she could have been baptized saturday, but she chose to respect the beliefs of her parents and at least wait until they tell her that if she wants to be baptized, it's her decision. right now they are telling her no. GAH!!! But i've seen miracles here in the mission, and i know we'll keep seeing miracles!

Cool story-so this week, we went to a part of town that we've been to...once or twice, to an appt that we had. We were walking, almost there, and we cme to a fork in the road. i took the one on the right, "knowing" that we were going until we came to a dead end. Hm. Okay, I guess it was on the left. So we backtracked, and took the one on the left. But I had the thought in my head "why did we go down this one road? hm...if our appt falls through, we'll go back and knock a couple of doors." We got to our appt, and well, they weren't there. My comp asked me what we were gonna do. I told her we were gonna go back and knock these doors. I told the Lord that if he led me down that path, i was gonna trust that there was someone there that would listen to us. And there was! We knocked a couple of doors and nothing, but at the end of the road we found an hermana that didn't have a religion, but she wanted us to teach her daughter. She said her husband always hid when the different religions came, but later, he came home and he joined us! It was sucha testimony to me of how much the spirit really is guiding me, even when I might not feel it. And I'm learning little by little how to recognize the spirit. it's AMAZING!!!!!

We had a couple of run ins with Jehovah's Witnesses...well, I know the church is true. And yes, we existed before we came to this earth, in the form of spirits, just in case you were wondering. Even Adam. I know this for sure, even if it doesn't say "Adam existed in the form of a spirit before the Lord created him" in the bible., Just in case you were wondering :)

Our ward is kind of struggling. We don't have a bishop...he wasn't officially released, but he had his callings taken away. I'm not exactly sure what happened (and I really don't care to know). We have a member of the stake presidency in our ward though and i guess he's gonna preside at the meetings now-he'll act like the bishop until they find someone else, i guess. the work goes on though. not even the imperfectios of the members can stop this work from progressing. it's something that i'm learning more of everyday.

well, i think i'm gonna send this letter. i love you so much!!!!! i don't think i've ever loved you more than i have in these (almost) 9 months that i've been on my mission. they've been a glorious 9 months and i'm looking forward to the next 9 months. have so much fun in waterton, and give my love to everyone.

there is no doubt in my mind that this gospel is true. i love it with all of my heart. the Lord really is shaping me into the person that i need to be life, i guess. thank you for your prayers, love and support for me.

love you!!!!
Hna Williams

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