Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jamie's Letter July 4th, 2011

Yes!! I'm officially 100% in Mission Peru Chiclayo! And it's been kind of interesting. Remember how when I opened my call, and read "Peru Piura" I had a feeling, that yeah, this was where I needed to go. But I never served in Piura. And now, to look at that name, it doesn't feel like my mission. It feels like I was supposed to be in Chiclayo, this whole time, but because the mission wasn't formed yet, I was assigned to the Piura mission. Because I really feel the Chiclayo is where I need to be. Anywho, random side note there.

Life with Hna Machuca is really good. She's a great missionary. She's still learning, but I feel like we're learning together, which is good. My new mission President is really good too. His name is Pres Risso. He's from Uruguay, and talks likes it too. I'm so proud of myself that I'm able to distinguish between the different types of Spanish now. It'll be to talk to others in Spanish when I get back and see how Peruvian Spanish compares with all the other places. That and I can't speak English anymore. I tried to pray in English out loud the other day, but it was SO HARD!! I couldn't do it! I could only think of the words in Spanish! I have a feeling it'll be horrible when I get back to try to talk to you guys.
Winter? What is Winter? When you find out what it is, send it this way. It feels more like September here. And apparently it's winter.

We had our first baptism here in Tuman yesterday! A young boy named Antony was baptized yesterday. His grandma was baptized about a month ago, and they're both really good. The members also supported us too, which was good. We had to go to Pomalca, because there isn't a baptismal font in our chapel, which is a house that looks more like where the Jehovah's Witnesses meet than the Mormons. But hey! It's still my chapel, and I can still feel the Spirit there, which is what is important. The baptism itself though was good. I was able to be reminded of how important this work is that we're doing. It was times like that that made the hard times worth it.

We have another investigator that we're working with-Mariela. Her sister is the YW Pres here. She's been praying to know if the Church is true, if she needed to be baptized, and when we visited with her Satuday night, she told us she wanted to be baptized! We were really happy! Now we just have to work on the law of chastity...Mariela has 2 kids from different fathers-she's not living with anyone, but the father of her daughter comes around sometimes and basically she's just living a soap opera. I don't understand exactly what all is going on, and really, I don't need to. We just really need to teach plainly and clearly the law of chastity. I think it'll be good though. She wants to make this change in her life.

Being here in Tuman is great. The members are really supportive of us, wanting to make visits with us. There are also a lot of "snakes" here. Basically being a white American girl means that all of the slobbery sleazy men here want to talk to you. That's why I have my companion though. We just ignore them. Other than that, it's nice here. Close to Chiclayo, but not in the middle of the city. It's good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I think it's your birthday this week. Thursday, if I'm not mistaken. And I wanted to be a better daughter and not forget to say something before your special day :) I love you!

Well, my friends, until next week, I think I'll be done. I love you all so so so much! I know the gospel is true, and that it really can change the lives of people. I'm so grateful for all of your love and support!
Hna Williams

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