Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jamie's Letter July 18, 2011

Hey y'all :) (Do I sound like Cameron?)

It sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun at the Cabin/Girls Camp/life as a bachelor this summer. I'm so glad that I only have to miss this once. (But I get to make up for it in the fact that I'm missing two Christmases and everything).

This week has been kind of tough, but like always I continue to learn. We've been struggling to find new investigators, but the investigators that we have found really have an interest in learning more about the gospel, and if we really are the true church. And we also have our Jehovah's Witnesses here. There are more here in this area than in any other area that I've been in so far. They're good people. Their doctrine drives me nuts, but they're good people. We've had a couple of conversations with them. And well, yeah, they're good people. Our ward is kind of stuggling too. It's so interesting to be in parts of the world where the church is younger, and to hope that something that we're doing will one day help the church become stronger. We're waiting for a temple in Trujillo-what they are missing are more people to offer to be workers-to go to Lima for 3 days or so to receive training. And we're waiting for a chapel here in Tuman. It will be such a beautiful day when we can have a chapel here.

Mariela is doing really well. Really, I think we were transferred here for her. It's a lot easier for women to relate to other women, and a little more difficult with 19 year old elders. She's gone through a lot in her life. But she had another interview with Elder Cahuaza saturday, and she passed it! Which means we have her sheet that says she can be baptized. All we need is for her to feel like she is ready to be baptized. We're hoping that this Saturday she can be baptized. It'll be such an unforgettable day for her, and I really hope that I can be here to help her.

We also have our other investigators that are changing their lives. We have a 15 year old girl her who is our best ward missionary. She wants to serve a mission one day. Her mom isn't a member, but her mom is also a great missionary. (Kinda a funny day she'll take the plunge. I'm not quite sure when though). Her uncle, though, is pretty much an alcoholic, but we've been working with him, helping him to change his life, and he's gone almost 2 weeks without drinking! We keep praying that he has the strength to continue, and that he'll have the desire to be baptized.

One of the investigators we found this week is Milagros. She is Catholic, but mainly for tradition. She says she really has wondered why there are so many churches. She has looked at different religions, but has just felt that they don't have what she's looking for, so she has just stuck with her church. We've talked about Joseph Smith though, about how she can know for herself, and she says that if she gets an answer that this is the true church, she'll be baptized. I love it when people say that :)

In spite of all the struggles that we've had, the Lord continues to bless us. I testify that He is perfectly aware of every single one of us, and that He answers us. This Gospel is amazing, and I love it with all of my heart. I am so grateful that you taught me the gospel as a child, and that we have our family, based in the principles of the Gospel.

Dad asked me a question last week-and so I'm responding to his question. Yeah, I have felt that as I have really had to teach the basics of the gospel, I have understood them better. I've studied things so much more simply, and when I teach them, I try to so hard to make things clear and simple. And as I do that, the Spirit testifies to me that what I'm saying, what is coming out of my mouth, is true.

Well, keep on working hard. And playing hard. Because that is exceptionally important. We played some beach volleyball today as a zone. I love volleyball. We're gonna play when I get back, okay? Okay. As for the money, would it be possible to split it 50/50? At this point I think I've spent about $150 while I'm here, and I'm about half way done with my mission. If not, just put it all in my account.

Well, remember me at the Cabin this year. Play some Mormon Bridge for me, throw a couple of waterballoons at cousins for me, tell Kiki and Jen to play a couple of rounds of "what if?" for me, and pretend that Cam, Jordan, and I are there (HeY! Next year, Jordan and I will both be there! Yupi!!!)

I love you guys so much. Really. I don't think you know just how much I love you. Because it's a lot. Keep on working. I love you!
Hna Williams

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