Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

Here I am.  I'm back at BYU!  The Fall 2012 semester started yesterday, and MAN there were a lot of people scrambling around!  My life has been forever changed by the fact that I decided to serve a mission.  And I'm feeling the effects of said choice.

I'm taking a bunch of elementary education classes.  Don't ask me which ones, I don't really know. All I know is that I have to take them to graduate, and I know I have to be in this room at this time.  Because my classes are more or less in the major, they are smaller.  And generally full of sophomore/junior girls.  As we get to know each other, they figure out that I graduated high school in 2007.
Yes.  I did in fact start my freshman year at BYU 

I served a mission.  So it's okay :)  Gotta love the look they give me before I throw in the mission part.  At least I can do that here at BYU.  I think that might be a little harder to explain if I were to attend a different university outside of Utah.  It's fun though.  I hear them talking all the time about the classes that I took to get into the program...and yes, I took those like 3 and 4 years ago.  Although today, I did realize that this is my last time ever starting a fall semester with classes on BYU campus before I get my undergrad.  This time next year, I will be getting my classroom ready.  Can you say AWESOME?!?!?

But of course, that also means I'm going to be super busy.  Heck, right now I'm taking 18 credits.  And I've done a mission, which means I'm totally a pro at planning now :)

Overall, I'm in for a great semester/year.  It'll be crazy, but hey-I've lived in a foreign country for 18 months.  I can do this.

And for the record, I love being able to raise my hand when the professors ask who the returned missionaries are.  It's the best.

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