Monday, February 7, 2011

Jamie's Letter Feb 7, 2011

Dear familia
Well, it sounds like everyone has had kind of a crazy week. I'm glad things went well for the funeral. Grandpa is an amazing person, and I'm grateful for all of the details. I missed being with you on Saturday. I was at an activity for one of the stakes in Chiclayo. I got to meet one of the other American hermanas, Hna Choto, from California. She was so good to me. I think it was because she's been exactly in my same position-wanting to teach about the gospel but not having the words to do it. Anyhow, she asked me if I missed my family. Normally I'm not homesick, I don't feel like I miss you or dwell on the fact that I do miss you, but at that time when all the family was gathered together, it was a little hard for me. But I know that this is exactly what grandpa wants me to be doing, and that made it a little easier (I explained this all to her, in English-I love that language! :) Spanish is coming along well though. I understand a little bit more every week. I still have a lot to learn, but I have a great companion who helps me with a lot.

This week was definitely a week of miracles. We've been working with one invesigator, Kelly since the very first day I got here in Monsefu. She is 30 and has 2 little boys. She is also married (which is a big thing around here for us...we don't have to teach law of chastity 50 bajillion times!!!) Her husband was away for work though. He works in what is called the "pesca." From what I understand, it's basically fishing big time. He's away for 3 months at a time. Anywho, every time we would teach Kelly, she would agree with the things we were teaching her, but when we would invite her to be baptized, she would always say she needed to talk to her husband-which is true. But it was frustrating for us because he wasn't around, and they could only talk on the phone, and I would imagine that it is a little difficult for an investigator to talk about baptism and it's significance over the phone. We kept encouraging her to come to church, but for one reason or another, she didn't come. 2 weeks ago, though, her husband (Feliberto) came home, and from what I can understand, he's home for the next couple of months. Anyhow, we found him and started talking to him about the gospel. He was very receptive to the things we taught. On Thursday, we had a lesson with them, and the Branch Pres. came with us. It was great-and it was so good to have the support of the president.

On Friday, we went over to their house to cook for them (and by "we" I mean Hna Lopez-although I did help to chop up onions and carrots). It was a meal from Guatemala, because that's what Hna Lopez knows how to cook. It was really good. Afterwards, we taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and I told them about Grandpa, and about how it was difficult, sometimes, to not be with my family, especially right now. But because I have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, I know that I will see Grandpa again, and I know that it will be a wonderful reunion.

Sunday was the big test though (it always is) to see if they would come to church. They said they would come, but they also said they would come last week and they didn't. But we told them that we'd stop by their house at 8:30 to remind them about church. So that's what we did. We walked to their house and knocked on the door, hoping that they would come with us, that they wouldn't have some excuse as to why they couldn't come. But nobody answered. One of their neighbors told us that they had all left. I didn't want to let myself hope that they had gone to church on their own, because I didn't want to be let down when they didn't show up. We started walking to church afterwards. As we got closer to the church, Hna Lopez grabbed my arm and said "The family! They came!" Turns out they had thought that the meetings started at 8, but when they got there and the chapel was closed, they left, and then came back at 8:45! By themselves!! And they looked so good too!! Better than I've ever seen them! And they felt the Spirit too. When Hno Feliberto was introducing his family in Sunday School, he said "I've never been inside the house of the Lord before." And he's Catholic!! We're hoping that they will be baptized next week. We've set this goal with them. They seemed a little hesitant, but we told them it was a goal, and we could change it if we needed to. It was so wonderful. I love them!

Life as a missionary is great. We have our ups and downs, but I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I know the Gospel is true, and that we can be a family for forever because of the temples. I am so greatful for temples in this world. I love missionary work :)
Hna Williams

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  1. Hna Williams:
    I love you. Just want you to know that. Also need you to know that I am proud (but not puffed up) about you going on a mission. Serving is an individual thing. Not all sisters want or need to serve a mission. Those of us that do go out to the field to plant, harvest and reap; know we belong there. Each day you make great memories. Wow, how I would have loved to have computer to keep my memories. My journal was lost, long ago in divorce. Can you imagine, I lost custody!!! Oh well. I do have me memories, just not addresses!
    Yes, Grandpa's funeral service and memorial was wonderful. Your father read your letter to Elder Williams, it was very touching. Years ago, when Brezzie and I first came to this family, Grandma Williams, gave Brezzie a "Sister Williams" name tag, to help her feel like she belonged. So, your letter was, probably more personal to Brez and I and I deeply appreciate that.
    May the Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ, continue to bless you in your service. We pray for you daily and think of you and your brother and cousin, often. AIR Hug to you my sweet.
    Love, Aunt virginia