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Jamie's Letter April 11, 2011

Hello my dearest mommy :)
I'm glad to find that nothing drastic has changed in your lives. We're doing well. Hna Lopez is much better. We haven't ever really figured out what happened. President says it's more likely that she fainted rather than having a seizure (what do I know? All I knew was that my companion needed help). He says it's more likely that she has something wrong in her stomach or something that is causing nausea. I'm not exactly sure. She's been fine the past couple of days though.

We normally get on internet anywhere from 3-5 in the afternoon. It just depends on what we have going on in the day. I got conference downloaded onto my mp3. I've been listening to them while I get ready in the morning. It's great to know exactly what was said. I love it!!

As far as training in the MTC for facing confrontation, basically they say that when people want to fight, don't fight back. Just bear your testimony, and leave. And that's basically what we did. It was still really frustrating though. Oh well. It's a part of the mission. If the Gospel weren't true we wouldn't have this opposition. The opposition just strengthens my testimony. And Satan thought he was going to weaken me....Hah!! Take that! :)

I still haven't heard from Emily DeWeese....I miss my dear friend. :(

This week has been kinda rough for us. Friday, we went and visited 4 of our progressing investigators, and they all told us that they "couldn't" be baptized. It was a really tough day. Fortunately, Heavenly Father answers our prayers and sent us the comfort that we needed. It was good. We did indeed get rain on Saturday night. It was a lot too. Hna Lopez loved it, because it reminded her of her home in Guatemala, where it rains quite frequently. However, the houses here in Peru aren't really built with rain in mind. We had a nice little rainstorm in our bathroom because of this, and we are afraid to turn the light on. Also, because of this, our phone has stopped working. Hopefully they can get it fixed today. I don't like having to use a payphone in the street. But that's life here.

So because of their Presidential elections, we couldn't leave to proselyte Saturday afternoon or yesterday at all. Hna Lopez and I have basically been going crazy. We've read, studied, drawn pictures, taken ridiculous's been great. And then today, we didn't do anything with our zone, so it was another day spent in our room. We did watch Legacy yesterday though in the house of the member that lives beneath us. That was fun to watch something that's so familiar to me. Kelly should be confirmed next week though, which is exciting!!

Because of so many different things that have happened in the past month or so, we haven't been able to have the English/piano classes. We'll start them again on Saturday (if people remember to come...). I'll definitely use the piano course though. If not here, I know I can use it in other places. Speaking of piano, I would love it if someone could make a copy of Piano Fantasy by William Joseph and send it to me (just fold it up and stick it in a couple of envelopes like a letter). I played my mad angry song for some of the elders and sisters in my district last P-Day and they absolutely loved it! And of course I had a blast too!

Well, let's see your questions.
1-What makes Hna Lopez great? I could write a whole novel on why she is amazing. I think one of the things that impresses me the most about her is her desire to serve. She pretty much forces people to let her serve them. There have been so many times after we're done eating with a member "Let me help you! We can wash dishes!" "No, Hermana! Don't worry about it!" "No, let us help you!" "No, don't worry about it!" "No, we're going to help you!" And she gathers up the dishes, and follows the member to the sink and starts to wash the dishes. She is such an example to me in this. She also has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. Really, I love her so much. I feel so blessed to have been able to be her companion for 3 cambios (transfers). She hasn't been companions this long with anyone else. She really is just so special. Other people can see that too. I wasn't kidding when I said I could write a novel. But I'll stop here for now.
2-Well, everytime I explain about the prophet Joseph Smith, my testimony grows. Especially when someone has heard something about him before. I've had people ask me "And what about ...uh...Smith? From your church?" It gives me great joy to explain about who he was, and the wonderful things he was able to do as the Prophet of the Restoration.
3-This week we found a young mom named Roxana. She is 23, has 2 little girls, her husband left her, (she got married at 14) doesn't have money to buy anything...basically she needs the Gospel desperately in her life (unfortunately, she also was one of the 4 people that told us she wouldn't be baptized-she's Catholic and has her baptism...) But we've helped her wash clothes and dishes. She was telling us that the way people wash clothes here is probably different than the way we do it in our countries. I didn't mention that we have a washing machine and a dryer in our house, and that washing clothes at home is so simple compared to washing them all by hand and then hanging them up to dry...We really have been blessed with so much. There are people here with so little compared to us. But the thing that is amazing is that the Gospel is the same. Heavenly Father loves everyone equally, and He is totally and completely aware of everyone and their circumstances. We're also going to have the RS sisters help us with her too. The Gospel is amazing!!

Well, I think this is about as good as it's gonna get. I love you all so much! Stay strong!
Hna Williams

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  1. Dear Sister Williams:)
    I know, it's just amazing how blessed the people in the USA are. I'm happy that you have been able to see the "other side" of life. It makes for a great example to all, especailly when you share w/ everyone back home, your stories of the struggles in basic life items~they have.
    Wonderful news about your companion!!! COUNT that a huge blessing. I promise!
    Just love to read your letters. So does Uncle Gary. Appreciate you're willingness to let us read your letters. Elder Williams too. AND DEEPLY appreciate your parents letting us answer here!
    We are looking to move to Lehi area. Aunt Joanna is our realtor. If it's meant to be, it will be. Uncle Gary will work in SLC, June or July and he's glad for that move too.
    Brezzie just got hired at US Bank, in Orem. It's good money and she needs that for college. Less scholarships for "older" students. She's going to Weber online. Kevin is working at Thanksgiving Point w/ internship. They are happy.
    I send you my love. Aunt v