Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jamie's Pictures April 25, 2011

Me & Veronica before her baptism.

Everyone that came out (well stayed after) the baptism.
The sister in the middle with the headband is one of our investigators,
Tania! She's Amazing!

Hna Lopez, Me, Veronica, her sister Katty (who was baptized inMarch)
Elder Chub (he baptized Veronica), and his companion, our district leader
Elder Nicaragua.

So we went to clean the font Saturday night because it had been....
almost 1 month since our last baptism, and we hadn't cleaned the font,
I'm not sure why. Anywho, it was just us & we couldn't get the water to drain,
so we drained it the old fashioned way... we took buckets & drained the water ourselves!
Anywho, I took my shoes off because I didn't want them to get wet. Yep!
We finally got the water drained and the font ready for Sunday, during RS... :)
The things we do for the salvation of the childre of God:)

Hna Lopez, Hna Chipman, & Me after our epic trip to the museum.
I just love them both.

Last week we went to a museum of ancient history about Peru.

Emporer's New Grove, anyone? :)

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  1. Dear Sister Williams:
    Oh how I love that sincere smile and that beautiful face. You are just glowing! Love those photos. It's it just so wonderful to teach the Lords' Gospel. Keep up on that journal. As time flies by, those memories will fade.
    We are good here. Supposed to be moving 1 June. Ha ha, so many have fallen through, I'm NOT holding my breath.
    We have had snow here, just fluries, but COLD, so no garden yet. OH, how I want to be in the garden tending my veggie plants. Looks like they will all die before we get warm here!
    Bee is good. She has a job @ US Bank in Orem, Smith's store and she's still going to online Weber State. Kevin was asked to do his internship full-time for Thanksgiving Point, Lehi (?), not sure what town that place is in. He had hoped to graduate this May, but more classes were added to his major and more projects too. UVU is BIG on their students doing tons of projects. I think another word for that is "free college student labor", but, that's just me. They will be in same apartment complex (one next door to Hampton Inn, across street from UVU), until Kevin graduates. After that, no say. Bee has such a good paying job, they may stay in that area. Time will tell.

    Braxton is doing okay. Med's help sometimes and that is TONS better than nothin'. Looks like he will be in K, again next year, since he still hasn't finished that material.
    Did you hear that Kye and McKay got their mission calls. One is going to Knoxville (Spanish) Tenn. and the other to Russia. That will be 5 missionaries out for the Williams-Cowley Clans. How wonderful for the all and their parents.
    I send you all our love and we do always remember you in our prayers.
    Guess I will copy this for Elder Williams. I think that's just called lazy. Well, and I'm packing up too! Too darn bad I can post on Elder Wahl's blog page. Oh well.
    Love ya'. Aunt V.