Thursday, November 15, 2012

10-Day Long Thanksgiving Break!!!

It's Thanksgiving!!!  Well, actually, it's next week.  But I decided that I'm officially done with classes until after Thanksgiving Break.  "How?" you ask?  Let me explain.  No wait, there is too much.  Let me summarize:

This whole semester I have not had classes on Fridays.  Awesome.
Next week, we only have classes on Monday and Tuesday.  Except, BYU has this thing where they think they are all powerful and can change the days of the week (Haha! Silly BYU...although this year I'm not complaining!).
So on Tuesday, they've told use to go to our Friday classes.  Which, for me, equals NO CLASS!!

"But Jamie, what about Monday?  Don't you still have class?" Technically...yes.  I have normally have 3 classes on Mondays.  However, 2 of them just decided to have us do a few things online rather than actually going to class.  Good thing I have internet at home!  And then the last class?  Well, to be honest, I'm just gonna skip it.  I've gone every other day this semester.  So I'm giving myself permission to miss this one class.

And I'm technically done for Thanksgiving Break right now!! As of this very moment, the next class that I will attend here on BYU campus will be on Monday, Nov 26.

Awesome?  You bet.

Now back to hurry and get my homework done fast so I won't have homework to do when I actually go home tomorrow....

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