Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jamie's New "Du"

Jamie's SOOOO Cute Haircut!!!!

Season's Greetings! Love, Hermanas Nielsen, Williams, and Morlock! (The tree in the background has a bunch of different flags on it. So cool!)

Feliz Navidad! sometimes Spanish makes us crazy!

All of the Hermanas in my district when we first started out in the MTC. And now I'm the only one left... It's still cool though!

Christmas lights! It's pretty much the only thing that's reminding me that it really is Christmas time. The MTC is such a bubble. Definately doesn't feel like Christmas - but it's still great!

My zone as of... a few weeks ago? We're always getting new missionaries or sending old missionaries off to their missions, so it changes a lot. I think this is a pretty good picture though.

Me! Can you believe I'm a missionary? I am so excited to share the Gospel with the Peruvian people! And I love the necklace, Mom! Thank you so much! (I got so many compliments on my necklace that day too!)

Picture of Jamie's Zone.

Jamie's trio!

Me! We have a "Happy Holidays" sign on our door, so this me, on P-day with my lovely "Solo" sticker on my name tag.

So because I am a solo sister, I can be with (my) elders without another hermana having to be with me. I eat lunch with my elders and will teach with them, and because of this, I get a lovely "solo" sticker on my name tag so as to not freak other people out when they see this sister walking alone with 6 other elders.

Another pic of me with my solo sister name tag. I'm beautiful!

My new roommates! Hna Porter, from Mesa AZ, is on the left (and I guess she went to London with Ilarene!) and Hna Young is on the right (and I guess she went to high school with Ilarene!)

Everyone seems to be doing their own thing in this picture. It makes me smile.

Our district (minus Elder Abbott, who was still recovering from getting his tonsils out) right before they (the Hnas) left. We're crazy.

I'm cute, and silly and funny. I love being a missionary! (And I love that necklace so much Mom! You're the best!)

What can I say? We get a little crazy here at the MTC!

My hermanas and myself, right before they left.

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