Monday, March 28, 2011

Jamie's Pictures March 28, 2011

The Baptisms of Hna Kelly & Stefanny!! So Pretty!

Everyone!! Elder Torrez bapitzed Kelly & Stefanny (at the request of Hna Kelly) It really was great! My Zone! I really love these people!
My District - Imperio. We basically Rock!

Me with my American Hermanas. Hna Choto, Me, Hna Barlow.

3 of the 4 North American sisters in this mission are in my zone!


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  1. Dear Sister Williams:
    How I just love seeing all your photos. You just look so very happy and that's just wonderful. Wow 3 anglos in one area? Is that normal. Or is that all that's in your mission? Seems they are working more and more to get native missionaries in their own area's. AND that means the Lords' church is growing, more and more. NOW, I want to thank your for sending the letters and photos' and allowing your parents to share w/ all of us. I just wait for Tuedsay, so I can read your blog, Elder Williams blog and Elder Wahl's blog. Just makes my week a little brighter!

    Do you tract or ride bikes? Seems tracting isn't used much now, like it was when your dad, Uncles and I were on our missions. IT's all good, those doors slamming, man, you could hear them in your sleep at night.

    Learn any new cooking there? NO not animals~thanks!!!

    Please know you are in our prayers nightly. Braxton, can't remember names but when it's his turn to pray he says', "bless missionary". Hey, we shout for joy that he can pray! He's doing lots better on his medicaions, when they do work. !!!!

    Sending you a H U G E air hug! Love, Aunt Virginia