Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jamie's Letter March 12, 2012

Hello fam!
(ojust so you know, the o on this keyboard likes to pop randomly into words, so if there is an o that doesn't belong in a word, just ignore it).

This has honestly been one of the oddest changes in my mission. It seems like every week we have some different sort of adventure (be it breaking sinks or sleeping in hospitalsO). Well, are you ready for this weeks adventure? It actually starts last week, the sunday before we went to Kuelap. I was reaching into my suitcase to grab the card game blink you had sent me mom, to play on the way. I pulled out a letter from hna Westman, and it looked all chewed along the edge...what the? I showed it to my companion, and we awed over what could have possibly eaten my letter! We searched and found little brown balls that definitely was not chocolate! (thanks to my comp for that description!) We cleaned out everything, but we didn't find the little critter that could have eaten my letter! We cleaned up, and figured that the culprit had vanished. Yesterday, before church, I went to my suitcase yet again to eat some pizza flavor crackers, when I saw that they too had been eaten (packaging and everything) by....something! We become much more concerned now. It looked like the culprit had returned to the scene of the crime. Even worse was when I found a reeses pb cup from the package the Allen's had sent me half eaten!! What?! Eating my peanut butter cups? Someone has to pay! We moved my medium sized suitcase. Nothing. Just more not-chocolate balls. More evidence. I then peaked behind my suitcase, which was in the corner of our room. A TAIL!!! Suffice it to say there was a scream or two that left my mouth. That then freaked out my companion! Then, using the boxes we had in our room, we built a little cage around my suitcase, stood up on our chairs (hna captain with a broom) and we slowly began oto move my suitcase away from the wall. 6 inches later, the hairy little beast ran out from his hiding place, provoking these two missionaries to scream bloody murder. It realized it was trapped. Unfortuately, like all cages, ours had its weakness too. It found it, and JUMPED over the smaller box, and ran out of our room (there was bout 4 ionches of space between the bottom o fthe door and the floor.) There's nothing like an adrenaline rush to get you ready for church! We have since fortified our room and hopefully the furry little creature (which we named Korihor) won't return. Our neighbors have a cat...mwahaha!

oSo now for a little more uplifting experience from this week. So oothios week we had zone conference, which is my last zone conference for my mission! Gah! I think the best part of it though for me was being able to talk to pres Risso afterwards. I had just been feeling kind of depressed lately. Really, I just didn't feel too happy, I felt like IO was missing something. But I was able to talk to him, and ohe helped me to see the good that I was doing. Which I still don't feel like is a lot, but I'm doing better now. I think part of it was that I see that I'm close to finishing my mission, and I'm starting to wonder if I've done all that I needed to. I used to have dreams a like a year ago that I would go home without doing everything I should have, and i just felt horrible when I woke up. Pres helped me to understand that we do our best, and then we leave, and tell the Lord "well, I did my best." Afterwards, I just tried to change my perspective too, and really just trust in the Lord. I think that is sometimes one of my weaknesses, is really trusting my life ion the Lord's hands. But the mission has definitely given me the chance to work on that. (Oh, and it's looking like I'll probably get home May 1 like around noon'ish or somethiong. That's what Pres Risso told me!)

Church was good yesterday (well, as far as our investigators go!) We had Pantera, our big short body builder come, which made us happy! And another family that we've started teaching came too! There are so many people who are startiong to progress! I just hope they keep progressing! Hna Captain and I were praying the whole time though that what the members say wouldn't offend them. That all of the children who are running around because the sister in charge of the nursury doesn't want to be there won't distract them. It feels like the members here are stuck in a routine. They've lost their excitedness for othe gospel. So I guess iof I have one piece of advioce for this week it would be to not get stuck in the routine. Like in Pres Uchtdorfs talk to the RS in Sept. Don't forget the Why of the gospel. It is so important, but the people here have forgotten it, and we have no idea how to help them. But we'll just keep working, doing what we do. We probably won't be able to change the ward. But we can change a few opeople, and well, D&C 18:15-16, right? Thta's what got me to ocome on a mission (well, one of my very many promptings to serve!)

Well, I gotta run, but I love you tons! Keep on working hard!
Hermana Williams

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