Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jamie's flight comes in Tuesday May 1 at 12:42 pm.  Delta flight 983  in terminal 2.  

Jamie will report her mission on May 13th, at 11am in our church building 4588 N Eagle Mountain Blvd

Hey!  Wow!  Another crazy week in missionary world here in Peru.  So, to answer your questions...yeah, I think I'll be coming into Salt Lake with one or two other elders, but there are about 10 of us leaving the mission.  So we'll all fly down to Lima together, and then go our separate ways from there.  I'm not quite sure which day I get home, but I'll let you know as soon as I get this figured out.  The thing is that in the past, the missionaries have left the mission Monday afternoon to go to Lima.  I'm imagining that this time it will be the same.  The elders in the office....well, gotta love them (I still maintain my position that the office would run a lot smoother with sisters in it...but they have a lot to learn there I guess.)  Really, you can do whatever you want for dinner.  Just not rice.  (I do understand that there will be rice in my cafe rio, but it will be mixed in with a bunch of stuff).  Although I must admit it seems totally normal for me to have a portion of rice along with a bbq steak!  I'm in the process of giving away stuff, buying stuff, etc.  I'm thinking of leaving a bit of my clothing here.  I've given a lot of my clothes to Hna Rocha, which is actually perfect because she likes my clothes and the majority of them fit them a lot better than her own clothes  (She's lost quite a bit of weight since she came on the mission, but her clothes are still the same, so even though she's lost weight, you can't really tell.  But I'm helping her to change that.  It's perfect!)  That's exciting for Laura!  So Emily will start living at home alone even sooner!  Wow!  That'll be fun!  (Make sure the stake knows that I'm returning from the Peru Chiclayo Mission and not from the Piura mission-that would just be good.) 
Well, this week was kind of tough.  Blanca didn't end up getting baptized :(  She was feeling too much pressure, apparently, but since she's shy she didn't tell us, and her dad told us for her.  But they still came to church.  There's something there...we haven't figured out what it is yet, but well, we'll keep praying, and we believe in miracles, no?  Actually I think everything I've done on my mission has been a miracle.  That I've learned Spanish?  Definite miracle. That I've gotten over my fear to talk to random people? Miracle (doesn't mean that I'm a huge fan of it though, but I can do it!) Seeing people change their lives completely when nothing else has worked? Miracle.
People keep asking me what I'm gonna do when I get back.  Well, after hugging everyone and probably crying a little, going to cafe rio.  After that...I'm not so sure.  I do know that the day after I'm released I want to go to the temple, si o si!  I miss the temple so much.  It'll be amazing to go again, and to feel of the peace again.  I had an interview with President this week, and he actually helped me a lot to feel better about things.  It's interesting, because when I left Guadalupe, I remember thinking that if I were to end my mission right then, I would feel content with myself about the work that I did.  And yeah, these last 12 weeks have been rough, but I am.  I'm just gonna give it my all this week.  Because starting next week, I take off my plaque, and I become just Jamie again.  How odd. 
Well, I'm thinking this is probably the last time I'll write you a weekly email.  I will find a way to contact you, whether I email you or someone from the office emails you or calls you or something to let you know exactly what is going on on what day.  But know that I have such a strong testimony of this Gospel.  I know it is the truth with all of my heart.  My testimony has only grown.  It has been tested and tried in so many different ways, but it's been incredible to feel how it has grown.  I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and it is because of his Atonement that we have the Gospel.  It's amazing, really, it is, to think how one act that one person did 2000 years ago changed everyone's lives! I know it has changed mine.
Well, I think I've gotta go.  It's late.  (But I have some rock awesome pictures to show you of Gocta when I get back!)  I love you all so much, and I really am excited to see you again.  Love you!!!!!!
Hermana Williams

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