Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jamie's Letter April 9, 2012

Hello everyone!

So this week, the "e" on this kyboard is having issus, so if somthing looks like it should hav an "e" but it doesn't, use your imagination and add it yourslf!

Congrats on the pageant Laura!!! And why doesn't anyone tell me what her talent was? I wanna know how cool it was! I loved doing it! It's a lot of fun, and a great experince. Who would've thought we become a somewhat pageant family? (Okay, just me and my sister, but still! Cool beans!) And that's nice that grandma was able to be thre with you guys too. I'm excited to see her when I get back.

So I havn't been able to talk to Presidnte. He didn't nd up coming up hre to Jaen, so I'm still pretty clueless about what is going on. And the office elders...well, sometimes they do stuff. I think they should put hermanas in th offic. Everything would run a lot mor efficiently, I think. But whatver. I guess the elders need to learn something on their missions. For all I know though I could be staying anothr change (which I don't think so...Laura would kill me!). My back, well, it still hurts somtimes, but other times it's good. I haven't really been taking anything, becuse it just treats the symptoms. I think I'll just surviv until I come hom, yeah?

Ush...this week. Well, it's been good. It's been "semana santa" which is where they all celebrate thursday and friday as easter, and they do it....DRINKING!!! and SMOKING!!!! I'm pretty annoyed by it. I pretty much am sick of it. But hey, what can I do about it? Just teach them the gospl (whn thy're sober of course) and then see if they hav the desir to change. Which some of them do. And it's amazing whn they do actually chang. It's bn kind of hard too because I feel vry much without a whol lot of energy. I blame it on complting 17 months in the mission.

Then there are our investigators. We have Pantera and his "adopted" daughter Blanca, who is 18. She's got a baptismal date for the 21. Except everyone in ward council told me that they are actually living togther. Ever since I started visiting them, I always thought that they had a daddy-daughter relationship, as Blanca's real little sister Luisa and Pantera's real daughter Lady live with them too. It was something that I had heard before, a rumor, but I didn't believe. Because they act like a father and a daughter. When she cam hom late with Lady, he got after them a little. But the ward tell me that thy are actually boyfriend girlfrind sort of a deal. Yesterday during ward council, it made me mad. Not necesarrily mad at any of thm, but at myself. That I could really be fooled for so long about somthing so trivial. If it is true. But if it's not true, imagin, a new convrt, coming into th church, with everyon talking bhind their back that he and the young girl that he's helped to raise are living together. Either way, I think I was madder yesteray than I have been in my whol mission. And then if it is true, I lose confidence in myself to discern the Spirit. Either way, it sucks.

But other than that, I'm doing well. Just trying to enjoy th littl bit of tim that I supposdely have left. It doesn't feel like I'll be home soon. I'm sorry this email isn't the happiest. Somtimes missionary work is hard. Actually, a lot of the time it's hard. But hey, I do what I can, and I try to give all of me, even though it really isn't much anymore. But I guess even if I could give verything, I'd be an improfitabl serveant, lik King Ben taught us. I'm thankful for this chance tht I do have to learn though. It is great. Thanks for all of your prayers. They're amazing. Love you!
Hermana WIlliams

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