Saturday, June 23, 2012


Okay, we were really only seperated for a little bit.  So turns out, Ilarene is having a baby!  Which means, BABY SHOWER!!!  Amberly was so good to put it all together, make yummy food (thanks to pinterest!) and be an amazing hostess.  It was so nice too, because our friend Aimee was able to come.  She's been in law school in Chicago for the past year, and I hadn't seen her since my mission farewell. So it was so fun to catch up on life (and be grateful that I'm not going into law school.)  Of course, it was great seeing Ilarene, all cute and pregnant.  She'll be popping soon! It was just so interesting how each one of our lives have kind of taken different paths, but they are all what has been just perfect for us.  We definitely missed other friends too, like Michelle and Erin, but they were certainly there in spirit!

P.S.-so I chopped my hair for the first time since I got back from my mission.  Actually (and I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this), I hadn't cut my hair since I was in the MTC.  So my hair had gone like 18 months without a good haircut (I didn't really trust anyone with my hair in Peru).  So anywho, here you can kind of see it.  It's not as short as it was when I chopped it in the MTC, but it definitely is a lot shorter than I'm used to!  I quite like it.  

Funny-ish story.  So there's a huge fire that has been burning in Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs for the past 3-4 days I think...  (people target practicing with exploding  The unfunny part is that they've had to evacuate a lot of people from SS/EM (thankfully my family/neighborhood is safe).  So I went to Great Clips to get my hair cut, but they were closed because of the evacuation, even though they weren't in the evacuation zone.  So I went down to Fantastics Sams in SS, and found another guy that had done the same thing!  Okay, like I said, not really that funny.  Just interesting.

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