Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visiting Teachers!

Finally!!! For the first time in 2 years, I HAVE VISITING TEACHERS!!!! Wahoo!!!
They came and visited my roommate and I today.  It was just fun to sit down and chat for a little bit, to know that these girls care enough to stop by and say hi.

It reminded me of my mission, where we are like 100% visiting teachers 100% of the time.  Sometimes the members would joke around with us and say "well, you guys (meaning the missionaries) haven't visited me for a long time, so I'm gonna go inactive."  I would always respond with "Well, none of you have come to visit us, so we're gonna go inactive!"  As in, you should have people visiting you.  It's great for the missionaries to visit you, but you are not their primary responsibility.  They kind of chuckled a little, but didn't really say more.  But I am pleased to say that I still feel active in the Gospel after 2 years of not having visiting teachers.  (Granted, 18 months of that time was spent on the mission :)  

I am really excited to have visiting teachers though and to be a visiting teacher.  They are so important to helping the sisters in the church.  It definitely is an inspired program, and I love it.

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