Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamie's Letter June 14, 2011

Hello my dear familia!
How are you?
This week has been good! On Friday we had our music farewell fireside. We got to the church at 3:30, and I was practicing with people until 6:30. It was really cool. I ended up playing the piano with Hna Chipman on the violin and Elder Despain on the flute. While I was practicing with just Hna Chipman, she told me that I was "drop dead gorgeous." Who knew? ;) I'm gonna miss her so much (because I'm almost pretty sure I'm staying in misison Chiclayo...I'll find out for sure next week). I'll send you a program from the fireside. Because I'm pretty much playing for everything. And I think you'll like it. We get to do the fireside one more time this friday for the other stakes. It'll be really good. I just love music :)

Cameron is training???? What?!?! He hasn't even had another companion! And he goes from being trained to being a trainer! I still can't believe it. I'm pretty sure I'm still gonna be junior companion next transfer.

Anywho, back to the fireside. I got to see my bestest friends in the mission-Hna Lopez and Hna Choto. Hna Lopez has struggled some with her companion, and she says she misses me tons! We had the oppotunity to pray together, just she and I, before the fireside, and it was something that I really really needed, to be able to feel the spirit with her again. I think it helped her too. She found out though that this next cambio she'll be opening an area and training again! She's amazing! I'm gonna go to Guatemala someday, just so you know, to see her. I'm not sure when, but I'm gonna go :) And Hna Choto is just amazing too. I'm so glad that we live close-ish. California is a lot closer than Guatemala...

We also had a baptism this week-a young man named Rohny. He's pretty much the golden investigator. When we contacted him, we challenged him to be baptized, and he accepted (he has had so much contact with the Church though, so it wasn't that difficult). It was good to see him be baptized. The service was slightly irreverant though...the bishop baptized him, and I guess the bishop had never baptized anyone before, and so he wasn't exaclty sure how to do it. They got in the water, and there were people tyring to tell them what to do. It kind of killed the spirit. Afterwards, the bishop told us that he had his cell phone in his pocket when he went into the water...well, Rohny was baptized. We tried to sing hymns to try and invite the spirit again, which worked. It was good though.

We have stake conference this weekend, and I've been put in charge of putting together a choir from La Cria. Well, it won't be anything super spectacular, but hey, it's a choir. There's a brother here too that's kind of helping out. It'll be good!

I have such a great family. Really. I'm so glad you had a good birthday mom. I love you guys so much. I was looking at things today, and if I end up in mission Chiclayo, I'll be home after exactly 18 months, with transfers and everything. Keep working hard. Really-I love telling people about my family. (I showed the fotos of us to a couple of members, and they asked me if I cut the pictures out of a magazine! We're just amazing!) Send my love to everyone. The church is true!
Hna Williams

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