Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jamie's Letter June 6, 2011

How I absolutely love my family! You guys really are the best. I've been laughing out loud here in the internet place.
There's a Pirates 4? I knew they were making one, but I didn't realize it was out already. Wow. I've only been gone 7 months, and look what happens!
And Cameron's training already?!? That's crazy!! You must be doing something good, bud. Keep up the good work.
Yeah. You'll get your birthday thing from me...later. Mail takes a little bit longer to get to Utah from Peru than it does from Florida.
And my friend Amberly is getting married tomorrow too! Yay for eternity =)

Wow. So this week has been kind of normal. We had another presidential election yesterday, which meant another Sunday with no church. It kills me. But Peru finally has another president (his name is Ollanta) and they won't have their next presidential elections until 2016, at which point I hope to not be a missionary in Peru anymore. It's been good though.

On Saturday, we went on splits-Hna Chamorro went with one sister from the ward, and Hna Cruz and I worked together. I forgot how easy it is to teach with just one other person. I'm remembering, my teacher from the MTC, Hermano Black, told me that if I can teach in a trio, teaching with just a companion will be a piece of cake. Not that I don't love having 2 companions-I love them both with all my heart. I am slightly looking forward to just being with one other person again. But for now I'll just have fun.

I'm really really really excited for this week though-because on Friday, we're going to have a musical fireside with Presidente y Hna Chipman. Which means I'll get to play with Hna Chipman again (and probably other people-I've heard of one elder, Elder Despain, who can play the flute really well too...). But is this all? No. This is a musical fireside for 3 stakes in Chiclayo, and for all of the missionaries here in Chiclayo. So I'll get to see the people I love from Monsefu again, as well as Hermana Lopez and Hna Choto! This is my motivation to get me through this week! Yupi!

We've been really blessed in this week to find people who are ready for the Gospel. It's hard sometimes-we've found some people in some really crummy situations, but hopefully with a lot of help and the Gospel, they can change their lives. One of our biggest challenges is that almost everyone we meet is just living together. No one is married. It's so culturally acceptable. And it's so not okay. The people really talk about God so much but their hearts are so far from him. I understand more what that scripture means now. Another one of our challenges is that there are several people that don't know how to read. Which is kind of hard when we want them to read the Book of Mormon. But we're working with people still. It's been good.

Despite all of these challenges, we keep working. We can teach much better as a trio than when we first started out. We're listening to each other more I think too. I really have no idea what is going to happen in this next cambio. We have so much that is going to happen before this date.

One miracle for this week-we got a reference to go and visit a friend of one of the members. When we finally found his house, he said that he was almost baptized earlier, but for some reason or another, he just wasn't baptized. We didn't have a place to have a formal lesson with him, but as we were talking with him, I asked him, "Well, when do you want to be baptized, then?" He asked me what days we could do it. And we invited him to be baptized this Saturday, and he accepted! Now we just need to review the lessons. He says he knows the Book of Mormon is true, that he's prayed about it and everything. Proof that there really are people ready for the Gospel in "mini-Utah" :)

Well, my family, I love you tons! I think of you lots (not too much though-I have to keep my focus!) You guys rock though. Really. I'm pretty sure I have the best family and friends in the world. I know that the Church is true. Like always, there is no way I would leave all I've ever known if it wasn't. And I love it!
Stay strong!
Hermana Williams

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