Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jamie's Letter Dec 19, 2011

Hello all! (so just a warning, the space bar key on this computer isn't working too well, so if words are stuck together, it's not because I don't know how to type :)

I was surprised too to get on my email so early. We had to leave by 10 in the morning, and we didn't get back until 8:30-ish, so I ended up having to write earlier. But it's all good. Because that just meant thatI got a whole bunch of email today, which was happy :)

So this week has been another rollarcoaster here in the mission. Elder Uceda came and spoke to us Monday. It was really good, although I did feel like he was calling us to repentacnce, which never really feels good, but many times necessary. He talked about the white handbook, and the importance to always be with our companions. I have since made an even stronger effort to make sure that I'm always with Hna Westman. (not that I'm ever not, but still. I can always be better!) He also talked about studying for our investigators. Which was also great. He drew a picture of a chess board on the whiteboard and asked us how many squares there were. Most people answered 64.
I remembered having done that problem in my elemenatry ed math class, and I found the answer, but Icouldn't remember. (Turns out there are 204 squares total). His analogy was that when we read the scriptures, many times there are hidden squares, squares we don't always see, and when we study the scriputres, even the ones we have read a bajillion times, we should always be looking for hidden squares, or newthings to learn from the scriptures. It was really good. We analyzed Ether 3:1 about a really good example from thebrother of Jared of how to receive answers to our prayers. Good stuff!

Tuesday was great too! We went to visit Brenda again. We started talking more about baptism, and she knew that it was important, but she was really scared to be baptized, because she didn't want to be baptized and then fall again. She didn't want to disappoint the Lord. I told her how baptism was like how we finish the repentance process. She then said "so maybe you're trying to tell me that if I get baptized, and receive the holy ghost, that will give me more of the strength I need to get over my weaknesses, instead of waiting until I'm all better to be baptized." YES! That is EXACTLY what we were trying to tell you! I'm so glad that the Spirit can speak through us! Then Hna Westman showed her Alma 7:15, that says to "come, and fear not." That just hit her, and she said she was ready. She wanted to be baptized. How amazing was that moment! Now we just have to hope and pray that everything goes well. Her baptismal date is for the 23rd. This Friday. She really does have the desire. But Satan is still throwing things in her way. I just really want to help her get this! What an amazing Christmas this should be! I think this will kind of make or, well, not break, but you know, Christmas. I'm so excited for Christmas, and I'm not really feeling homesick at all.Maybe because it still doesn't really feel like Christmas here. It's more likeChristmas in July, which is fine too.

I still haven't gotten the packages yet. I'm thinking I'll probably get them the 24th, because we're going to Chiclayo on Saturday to do our thing as amission. Or at least as the zones here close to Chiclayo. I mean, I might get them tomorrow at our zone meetings if our elders in theoffice are more effecient. We'll see though.

SoI'm supposed to call you on sunday?? Oh yeah! Awesome! So... I'llprobably call around...11-ish your time. Sweet!! SoI'll talk to you all then!
Well, I'llcall this aletter! I hope you could read it all! I love you!
If I think of anything I'll tell you....SUNDAY!!!
Hermana Williams

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