Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jamie's Letter Dec 26, 2011

Hey girl! How are you? It seems so long since I've talked to you! Not really. But if you think about it, the next time I'll probably talk to you, I'll like be talking to your face. As in, in the United States, right? CRAZY! That's pretty funny about the weatherbecuase it's been raining here the past couple of days-more than I have EVER seen in my mission! It hardly ever rains here. But I loved it for Christmas! (I'll probably come home and there will be snow then!)

Here Christmas Eve is more the big thing. They wait until 12 at night, then they eat turkey, fruitcake (I'm not joking. They LOVE fruitcake!) a bunch of different types of bread, and then they open their presents then. Christmas day is just kind of relaxed, set back. We did open the few presents that we had. I'll enjoy my packages when they get here. Maybe I'll get them this week! Who knows. It'll just be good if I ever get them.

So I might just turn this into my big email. I might as well. So, we got the results of changes-I'm staying in Guadalupe and Hermana Westman is leaving-her first change! She is so sad, she really doesn't want to leave! And it will be weird for me too, because I've never stayed in one place and gotten a new companion. I've always been the one to leave. So hopefully I can remember who all of our investigators are.

It's been kind of a crazy week, up and down. But it was SO GOOD to talk to you all yesterday! It made me so happy, to hear your voices, and to know that you all are doing well. I hope mom is still alive, after waiting to talk to her children. I hope it was worth it ;) I think I told you most about what ended up happening this week on the phone with you guys.

Christmas was really amazing though. We read the Christmas story in Spanish, Hna Westman and I, and it was awesome to go to church on Sunday, to remember the whole reason for Christmas. I loved it! And we figured out a way to hook up the keyboard to the mic system so that everyone could hear it, like the organ! For the first time, I think the members here are learning more of how the hymns really go! That made me happy! And I'm gonna start teaching Gema how to play the piano. She's got a little keyboard of her own. She's smart. It'll be good.

Well, I've gotta run, but I love you all so much! I know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love it! Love, Hermana Williams

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