Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jamie's Letter Jan 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!!! You'll get to see me this year!! That is, if the world doesn't end in this year....ha! Hey! Daddy has today off, doesn't he? That's why he was writing me! Awesome!

So this week has been really interesting. We didn't end up actually doing the changes until Wednesday. Hna Westman went to Chiclayo tuesday night, and I stay with one of the young single adults from the ward-her name is Elizabeth. Well, actually she stayed with me, until Wednesday afternoon, when my companion, Hermana Case, came down from Chiclayo. Yep! I have another north american companion! And she's not just american, she's an....american forkian? American forkite? What would you call someone from American Fork? Anywho, it's been kinda fun figuring out who we all know. Turns out one of her best friends was in my 6th grade class. Silly how life works! She actually was in La Cría before she came here. She's got about 3 months in the mission, still fairly new, but she's good, and I love her. I love it too because I can talk to her about Hermana Amelia, stuff in Pomalca and Tuman, and she knows that majority of people that I'm talking about. So this week, we baptized Josué, which was actually really cool. When I got here, the elders before me were teaching him, and he really wanted to be baptized. He just didn't have his dad's permission. He was doing so good, coming to church with a white shirt and tie and everything, and finally, we told him to ask his dad for his Christmas present to be his baptism, and he said yes! So he got baptized on Friday, and was confirmed yesterday. It was just so amazing! (I was gonna send you pictures, but right in the middle of sending this letter, the computer randomly turned off on me. Fortunately gmail does a good job of saving the drafts every 5 minutes or so, so I didn't have to completely rewrite you this letter!) It was a good day though. Other than that though the week was just kind bad for numbers and everything. But hey, I have a brand new year, a brand new week, a brand new cambio to make everything amazing!

For New Year's Eve we just stayed in our room and talked. I look at the clock when it was 11:59, then I told Hna Case that it was that time, and she started counting down from 10. When she hit 0, a bunch of firecrackers went on outside. Fun! Then we all got together as a zone on new years day to chill together, because working just doesn't work that well when people are drunk! Imagine that...

It sounds like everyone had a good new years, and that emily had an awesome birthday! I can't believe she's a teenager now! How weird! But I still love her, I promise! Well, thank you all for your love and support. I love you so much! I definitely know that the Lord has been blessing our family so much. Missions are just amazing! Keep working hard, and I'll keep doing the same here!

I love you!
Hermana Williams

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