Monday, January 9, 2012

Jamie's Christmas pictures

Our zone after we did a skit for the mission party saturday. Every zone put on some sort of skit, and we chose to reenact the Christmas Carol. Eld Despain was Jacob Marley, and his ties were his "chains." Eld Ruiz was scrooge, I was the ghost of Christmas past, Eld Hemsley (the skinny one) was the ghost of the future, Hna Chamorro was the ghost of the present, and Hna Aracca was the Tiny Tina, and Hna Westman was her sister. And Eld Conforme was Bob Cratchet. It turned out pretty good. It makes me smile.

Christmas Eve with our pensionista and her family- Presidente Jave (he's the district president here), Hermana Kelly, and their kids, Neal and Gema. And us. I love them so much!
Our tiny zone-I love it!
Me with a little jewelry box that I got from a present exchange in our party with the mission saturday. I saved it til Sunday to open it. It's really cute!
Me with our little baby Christmas tree-"Daddy, it's a brella!"
Pretty, isn't it?
A little purse that Hermana Westman gave me for Christmas. She actually bought it with me, but being the oblivious person that I am, I had no idea until she gave it to me Christmas morning! And I saw her buy that, and the wrapping paper....I'm so oblivious!

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