Monday, January 9, 2012

Jamie's Pictures Jan 2, 2012

All of the sisters in our zone!
The zone, after we buried the zone leaders in the shells-we went to the beach again today, and instead of sand, there was a bunch of broken up shells. It was awesome!
So we found a random sting ray head in the water. Actually, there were a couple. We figured people were fishing, and cut off what they wanted, and threw the rest back. Kinda like we do when we fish on Cameron! Cool, eh?
I'm in front of the ocean! Cool? Yes. I think it's kinda funny that I never saw or touched the ocean until I was on my mission.
Here's a picture of my foot! And Hna Case's foot, and Eld Morales's foot. Becuase it's just been too long since you've gotten a picture of my foot! Enjoy it!

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