Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jamie's Letter Feb 21, 2012

Holy cow! It seems like forever since I've written you all. The week has been really slow and really fast at the same time. This week has been pretty crazy though. I don't know if I've ever worked this hard before. Maybe I have, I just don't remember. It's good though. I want to go out strong :D Awesome? I think so. So now for your questions: We live in a room above a restaurant. The room is actually pretty nice. It gets really hot though during the day. And during the night. Basically the fan is my best friend. And I don't have lice. It's actually quite a miracle, because I'm pretty sure Hna Case had lice the whole transfer. And I spent the last day with her picking out eggs from her hair. I didn't realize that they were eggs until mom told me what they looked like. I just thought she had bad dandruff. But nope! A bunch of eggs. I didn't get them all out either. But I've been away for 2 weeks and I don't have anything, pretty sure. Which is such a blessing.

About my classes, so I got permission from Pdte Risso to go on and register for my classes. So I spent a while yesterday figuring out what all I needed to do. I guess I needed to confirm with the BYU education department that I was still gonna come back, so I sent an email to one of the advisors asking him about that, what all I needed to do to be able to register. Hopefully I'll find out next monday, and I can register for classes then. I also sent another email to the edu dept asking them to make sure that my scholarship would still be there next year, and they said it's all good to go for next fall! Yupi! Less tuition to pay! It might also be nice to maybe look around saratoga/provo-ish to see about jobs...cuz I'll have to start that beautiful hunt when I get back. Just kinda see what all is available.

YES!!!!!! I still love monkeys. In fact, I think I love them even more! They are just cool.

Sounds like Sacrament meeting was really good. I'm sad you didn't get to talk more about your kids. I have no idea how I'm gonna talk though when I get back. Trying to fit 18 months into 10 minutes does not go over well. I'm excited to talk to you all though when I get back, and force you to look at all of the pictures that I have. Ha!

So I just have a funny story to tell you. This morning, after I got out of the shower, I was getting dressed and ready for the day when I heard a loud CRASH coming from our bathroom. I run to our bathroom, and our ceramic sink is completely shattered-dangerous ceramic shards all over the floor, with water just gushing out of the wall. Turns out Hna Captain was in there, trying to shave her legs...(she'll probably kill me for telling you that, but that's what makes it so funny), and she put her leg up on the sink, and put just a little bit of pressure on it, and KABLAM!! So she's freaking out, and I start laughing, and trying to help her gather up the water in the one bucket that we have, while she runs downstair to tell the people in the restaurant (who need water to cook) to turn off the water. They were slightly irritated with us, but I mean, it was either that or we flood the entire second floor that we live on. Finally they turned it off, and we dumped the water out the window...and Hna Captain happened to spill some of it onto an old man. This is an awesome story, right? Then we go and call our zone leaders, Eld Almanza and Eld Despain (oh yeah! He's in my zone again! Cool beans.) and they come over to our apartment to try and help us. They may or may not have cut themselves a couple of times on the sharp ceramic shards (actually, I think we all suffered some battle wounds). But Eld Almanza was able to fix things up again to where they could at least turn the water on again. We still didn't have a sink though (I have pictures, but the computer won't let me upload them. Lame!) Then we had our district/zone meetings. Man, the stake has us working hard. But I'll tell you a bit about that in a bit. After our meetings, the zone leaders went out and bought us another sink, and they came and installed it this afternoon. Who knew that elders knew how to do stuff like that? I think it might just be a guy thing. They've just got that instinct or something. So our sink it almost fixed. We just need a new faucet that will fit into the sink that they bought. Turns out though that sinks here only cost like 45 soles, which is like $18. Cheap eh? (actually, that's probably why the first one broke in the first place.) Anywho, so we had quite the adventure this morning. Definitely a day I won't forget.

Other than that, the missionary work has been going along. We've been kind of frustrated lately though. We feel like we're working harder than ever, but people just aren't progressing. And our ward is kind of struggling some too. It kind of drives me and Hna Captain nuts. There isn't a lot of reverence. For example, we have someone who has been called to be the nursery leader, but she doesn't want to do it, so she just goes to RS and lets her 3 year old daughter run back and forth. And because of that, everyone else has to take care of their children, and the children don't really know any better because nobody teaches them. And RS/EQ goes over a lot, and the primary teachers don't want to keep the kids in longer, so she lets them go outside and run around (while she stays inside) until everyone is out. And the chapel is pretty dirty, which is sad because it's actually a nice chapel, fairly new. And we've tried giving suggestions to people, but they don't really listen to us. And I wanted to play the piano on sunday, so I told the bishop I could play. He told me "but you need to practice with the choristor first." First off, your choristor is 12 years old, second off, NO. I don't need to practice. He almost didn't let me. I promised him it would be fine. And it was. I think the piano really helps to bring the spirit into the meetings. Taking the Sacrament was refreshing, as it always is. So despite all of these problems, I still know that the church is still true, and that the promises we make are not with the people in the church, but with God. I'm so glad I know that. There are a bunch of other things that kind of frustrate us, and we really want to help our ward, but we don't know where to start. But I guess we'll just work here. The stake has a mission plan too, that we visit 10 less active families, and try to get them back to church, and that we visit members activos, and bug them untl they give us references. The goal is to have one baptism every week. It's a high goal, but hey, miracles. We're not sure exactly how we're gonna accomplish all of what everyone expects of us, with the little bit of time that we have, but hey, we believe in miracles. We're working super hard though, and we're so exhausted every night.

Things with Jose and Estefanny, well, they're doing good. They didn't come to church though, which is always frustrating. We'll have to meet with them again this week to see how they're doing, and if they've been able to get answers. We're also teaching a guy named Pantera. Which means Panther in English. His 2 daughters got baptized liked 2 weeks ago. He's a short guy, but a big muscley guy. Sort of like vinn deisel. But shorter. It's pretty awesome. He just needs to pray to know that he should be baptized! That's basically what everyone needs to do.

Well, I'm gonna call this an email. Even though I'm exhausted, I know that what I'm doing is the work of the Lord. I love you all!!
Hermana Williams

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