Monday, February 27, 2012

Jamie's Letter Feb 27, 2012

In another email to me Jamie said her release date is April 30th and she will probably be home May 1st. She will report her mission on May 13th. More details later as we get them.

Hello! I'm here.
So another week has gone by nice and fast. Actually, not really fast. This has actually been one of the craziest randomest weeks on the mission. We've had so many random things happen to us. It's funny though. I've got a list in my planner. We ended up having to write you on Tuesday cuz the internet was slow, we broke a sink, lost and found an old sister's USB with all her family history on it, made cookies with way too much butter (but we evened it all out with a bunch of flour), we saw a motorcycle accident (no one was hurt, but a little girl was kind of in shock, and crying and screaming), the alarm on the church randomly went off right after sacrament meeting, just, random. But it's part of the missionary life.

I think our relationship with the bishop has improved. We had a 2 hour long meeting with him yesterday, and we told him about how we wanted to have him meet with our converts more, how life in the ward is, and just other things. We told him it would be nice for the families of our recent converts who receive the priesthood to be present when they receive it. The bishop was like "you can't do that. You have to do it elders quorum, and to invite sisters into the elders quorum, I couldn't do that." I told him how I was there when Cameron got the melchezidek priesthood, along with my family, my aunt and uncle, but we kind of played it off like we didn't know, because we don't have a manuel. We got him to look in the manuel though. As he looked, he said "interesting. The manuel says that it has to be under my direction, but it doesn't say where. Hm...." And then he told us we were right. Hopefully he'll trust us a little more. He didn't say anything about me playing the piano, but I think he knows that I don't need to practice.

We had a cool experience though in finding a family this week. So tuesday night we were searching for a young girl named Irene. She was probably 21-22-ish. She was a friend of a member, and we stopped by the member, and he told us she was waiting for us to come that night, even though we hadn't planned for it. We had planned to visit her the next night, but I guess she had heard wrong. Whoops! So it was off to try to find her house. We couldn't find exactly the address, so we started knocking on doors, asking if Irene lived there. A lady told us that she lived across the street, so we went, and a lady in her 30s answered the door. "Does Irene lived her?" we asked. "I'm Irene! How are you? Come in?" and then Hna Captain was like "Oh hi! How are you? You don't know my companion, this is Hna Williams." And she starts talking like she knows her. What? I'm pretty sure this isn't the woman we're looking for, but she's also named Irene. So we teach a small lesson on prayer, because we still need to find our other Irene. We made a follow up appointment and then we ended up finding our Irene. But it was just kind of random. Actually, it was a blessing, because we ended up teaching her and her family again, and they seemed very interested. Hopefully we can keep up with them. Turns out Hna Captain had contacted her with Hna Machuca once, but they never went found her house. Basically, even though we've gone through a lot of random things, we've still been really blessed. It's been hard. It definitely hasn't been easy, but there has been a lot of help. I think there has been so many times when the Lord has given us strength when we've have none. I've been so exhausted so many times this week, but somehow, when we start teaching, I have the energy that I need to do this marvelous work. Hna Captain has also been feeling sick this week. I think I have this curse of making my companions sick or something ;) Not really, but we've been working super hard. We've got some appointments with the doctor for her.

Well, I've gotta call this a letter. But I love you tons! Keep working hard, and I'll talk to you all next week!
Hermana Williams

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