Friday, November 5, 2010

Jamie's Favorites

As we were driving into Provo to take Jamie to the MTC, we gave the family a quiz on some of Jamie's favorite things and then Jamie gave us the answer. Here are her answers (the family was right about 95% of the time),
Color - blue
US candy bar - Butterfinger
Canadian chocolate bar- Crunchie or Aero
US candy - whoppers, skittles
Canadian candy - Smarties
Healthy treat/snack - beef jerky, Nature valley sweet & salty pecan or cashew bars,Fiber one bars
Cookie - snickerdoodles, sugar cookies
Christmas cookie - cream cheese cookies
Christmas candy - chocolate orange
Healthy cereal - Honey bunches of Oats or Oatmeal Squares
Sugar cereal - Lucky charms/marshmallow mateys
Restaurant - Cafe Rio - pork salad
Nut - cashews
Junk food snack - Salt & vinegar chips, rice Krispie treats
Pizza - Hawaiian
Fruit - Strawberries
Vegetable - cucumber
Soda pop - 2/3 Sprite with 1/3 lemonade
yogurt - yoplait orange creme
ice cream - strawberry cheese cake/cookies & cream
Hymn - #284, 131, 249
Christmas Carol - What Child is This, O Come all ye Faithful, Silent Night
Fiction book - Fablehaven series
Jewelry - silver

Now we all know a little more about Jamie.

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