Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pictures Jamie sent through snail mail.

Hermana Demke took this really cool picture of the reflection of the temple.

My name tag! That's right! I'm officially Hermana Williams!

This was a cool view of the temple that Hermana Demke was able to get a picture of.

All of the Hermanas in my district, plus Elder Abbott (he's kind of 19!)

Me and Hermana Demke.
It was raining so my hair looks
(Jamie drew a picture of what her hair looks like.
I wish I could copy it here. Just imagine a bunch of scibbles!)
Me in front of the beautiful Provo Temple.

Hermana Demke


I just think it's such a pretty picture with the red trees.

4 Hermanas on our way to the temple.
Hermana Morlock, Hermana Demke, Me!, and Hermana Nielson.
Hermanas Morlock and Nielson are going to Bolivia.
They may not come to Peru with us. We're not sure if they'll get visas in time.

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