Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Oct 3, 2011

Our zone after a fun p-day!

Me playing with Yarek (basically it is "Jared")
Hna Amelia's son. I love this little boy.
He is a terror, but I love him anyways and I'm gonna miss him tons!

So there's a tradition here in Peru when it is your birthday,
you get part of your cake smashed in your face, and
someone breaks an egg over your head.
Since I wanted to celebrate my birthday with people I know & love,
we made my cake & everything today, and pretended like it was my birthday.
This is the result :)

Me with my cake that I made! Everyone LOVED it!
And it was SO easy. I forgot that to make a cake can be so easy!
(The mix & everything were in Jamie's birthday package from home.)

This is our chapel in Tuman! Maybe one day they will have a real chapel!

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