Monday, November 14, 2011

Jamie's Letter Nov 14, 2011

YES! I got your packages! I got 3 of them. I got 2 from you, and one from Erin/Ilarene, which I also loved :) Yes, Emily can use my winnie the pooh clock. I'm not using it... Yeah, Pdte and Hna Risso came down to interview us on thursday so they brought them. I also got a letter from Grandma Williams which I loved, and a letter from Hna Westman's boyfriend, Tyler, who's getting ready to go on a mission too (he wrote me to wish me happy birthday). It was actually pretty cool. Yeah, just put my name on the package still. Stuff in my christmas pacakge...another thing of the mascara that I like? It's Loreal, I think, and it's got the 2-step thing...I don't have anymore of that and I like it. I'm also gonna need another thing of contact solution before the end of my mission. Footies are always good. I have enough nylons though. I like the shoes. I just have to break them in now, which I haven't broken in a pair of shoes for a year! My poor little feet. Well, they're actually quite big... Hna Westman also got a package at the same time, and we been pigging out on candy for a while. I loved the oreos! We always buy oreos here, and I was actually thinking about asking you to send a package. But now I have them! and they're great! And I loved the clothes too! They fit nicely. I didn't take a picture...I'll try to this week and then send you the pic next week.

This week has been good. We had an interesting experience with Brenda this week. So. We went friday to her house to see her. It was good. We went inside, and we finally were like, we're gonna talk about the restoration. Because we still hadn't taught her about joseph smith or anything yet. And we needed to. So we started off, talking about prophets, the church that Christ established, and the great apostasy. We get done talking about those, and we just get started on talking about the restoration. Then one of her "friends" comes in to visit her. I don't know why he was there. He's about 50 years old, and she invited him in to come sit down and listen to us. Somehow, we ended up talking about baptism first, how the Catholics do it wrong...and then he sort of starts preaching to us. And you could just feel the spirit leave the room. It was kind of ridiculous. He's going through a bajillion differnt passages in the bible, trying to prove...I can't remember what. Brenda had a question though. Her question was "what happens to the people who die who never hear about Christ? Do they get punished too?" And he kept trying to say that if people heard about Christ and they chose not to believe him, they wouldn't be saved. He couldn't get it in his head that there are people who don't hear about Christ. That don't know what he did for them. We tried to answer, but he didn't really give us a chance to. Brenda was really kind of frustrated with him, and his inability to answer. Then we had to leave. Because it was late. But she said she would come to church sunday.

And she did! We were so excited to see her there! (It was also the primary program, which I loved-it was very simple, but the spirit was there). During gospel principles, we started talking about the millenium, what was going to happen and everything during this time. We talked about how there was going to be a lot of temple work done, and we talked about baptisms for the dead. We totally answered her question in the class, and she told us. She was like "that was my question the other day with that guy, remember?" It was just kind of interesting. We still haven't taught her about Jospeh Smith. And we wanted to give her a baptismal date which we also didn't do. But we're visiting her tomorrow. So hopefully we'll do that then! She is just so ready for the gospel. I love it!

So we had transfers today. I'm staying here, with Hna Westman, like I figured I would. But Pdte told us that there are 5 new sisters coming-4 americans and 1 argentina. Wow! I'm not sure what they're gonna do with all these new missionaries! It's pretty much awesome! Being a missionary is just great! I love being here!

Weell, I think I'll call this a letter. I love you all so much, and I know that what we are doing is the truth-the work of the Lord. Thanks for all of your love!

Hna Williams

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