Monday, November 28, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Nov 28, 2011

The Christmas tree in the mission home.

Hna Risso had just finished decorating it and it was beautiful
Us with the Christmas tree. We're all beautiful!

Me with my Thanksgiving dinner. It was heaven!

I wouldn't have traded it for anything!

Me with Hna Chira. She's currently in Tuman, my old area.

She came to replace me and was with Hna Machuca for 3 weeks.

Then Hna Machuca got changed to Jaen, an area about 7-8 hours from Chiclayo :(

and now Hna Chira's training a north american, Hna Bang.

And and and and and! Hna Machuca is training! A north american!

I'm a grandma! (actually, I think I told you that last week. I can't remember.)

Anywho, it was so fun to talk to her about everyone in Tuman, and even though I never served with her, we just clicked, and I love her :)

The zone. We went to a big tomb in the ground again today.

It's pretty cool the stuff they find here in Peru.

It was fun to be with some of the other missionaries that were also with me in Pomalca when we went and saw ruins/tombs and stuff. I love it!

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