Monday, November 21, 2011

Jamie's Letter Nov 21, 2011

Hello mom :)
I hope I get the packages sooner too. If not, well, I'll get them sometime, don't worry! And for calling you for Christmas, I really can just buy a calling card here for 10 soles, and I can talk to you for like an hour. That's what I did at mother's day. That'll be weird to call you. This'll actually probably be the last time that I talk to you, considering the fact that I will get home like a week or two before mother's day. But hey, I think it'd be better to be there in person than to call you. Question-would it be possible to get the D&C DVDs in Spanish and send them to me? There are 3 discs, and one of them has a bunch of movies and everything? I ordered one a long time ago, but it doesn't look like there here. Sadness...because they really are such great teaching tools. Anywho, even if you just took them out of the case and put them in a slip case, it would be awesome.

Kristalyn's getting married?!?! Gah!!! Tell her to wait until...May 5. Or May 6. I'm not sure which one is a Saturday. But tell her that I love her! And I'm so incredibly happy for her too!

This week has been a good one. We worked hard, and we found quite a few people that we can work with. Yesterday we had an interesting experience. So I told you in the email with the fotos that I sent about the huge bingo game that happened yesterday. Which meant that all of Guadalupe was there, playing bingo. And all of appts had fallen through. So we decided to go and pick up our laundry that should've been done Sat, but it wasn't. And we needed our clothes. So as we're walking there, we passed a bunch of small groups of people, drinking, right, because it's sunday, so what better excuse do we need to drink? Anywho, we passed a group of 3 guys, and one of them calls out to us (also, not unusual) but then he yells at us that his brother is a missionary like us (he's not completely sober, but he's not drunk either). We kind of yell back, telling him to visit us in the chapel, but he walks across the street, and tells us that his brother is a member, that his mom and sister are members too in Trujillo. But his mom was here, visiting his grandma. Anywho, he takes us to his house to meet his mom, and sits down and talks to us for a little bit. His brother has his mission call to colombia, and he'll leave in Jan. This guy (his name is Juan) got a little choked up when he started talking about how his brother was gonna leave for 2 years, and he just really wanted the people in colombia to treat him well. Anywho, he agreed to listen to us, and afterwards, his mom said that she really didn't expect that from him, but it just made her so incredibly happy that he would take the iniciative to talk to the missionaries. So we'll see how it goes. Hopefully he really does have desires to listen to us, and isn't just saying that because he had a little bit of beer in him (we told him right then and there to just leave the bottle behind...we'll see what all happens.) The interesting experiences that we have though.

Brenda is doing well. She didn't come to church yesterday though, which made us sad. I just want everyone to be happy! But we did have a baptism of a little girl, Katty, Saturday. Her family are members, but they've been inactive for the past 3 years, and they are recently starting to come back to church. After she was confirmed, she walked back to her seat with her hands over her heart. It made me happy to know that she was feeling the Spirit. It was a good reminder too, because sometimes I feel like I'm not really doing that great of a job here. But then I see little things like that, and I know that I probably will not see 75% of the results of what I do here, and that I just need to keep doing the best that I can.

Well, I love you all so much!! Here's all of my love from Peru!
Hna Williams

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