Monday, November 28, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Nov 21, 2011

Plaza de armas yesterday. This is the big fair of Gudalupe, where they celebrate the virgin of gudalupe. Anywho, yesterday they had a huge bingo game to start off everything.

The 2 grand prizes, 5000 soles or 20 sacks of rice. I'm not kidding... (and these sacks are 48 kg each ... Food storage anyone?) There were also other things you could win, like a fridge, a big TV, a stove...but 20 sacks of rice??? You can't beat that!
Katty's baptism. Us, her mom, sister and the bro that baptized her.

Us with Katty and her mom. Her mom's name is Jemmy (pronounced Jamie).

And her dad (who is not there) is Jimmy. One of my greatest fears...

Us with Katty!

My church building! It's little, but I like it. It's quaint :)

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