Monday, November 28, 2011

Jamie's Pictures Nov 14, 2011

Our zone, at our last zone meeting.

(Hna Westman, me, Hna Arracca, Hna Sutta
and the elders Eld Harrop, Eld Conforme, Eld Despain, Eld Bassett, Eld Rodriguez,
and Eld Derocher)

Our Free P-Day. We played games all day!

Us with our barbie monopoly that we bought, "deluxe edition".

It was all just cardboard. But hey, monopoly is monopoly!

And we played chess, snakes and ladders, sorry....the board had it to play

backgammon, but I couldn't remember how.

Mom'll have to teach me when I get home.

We also made up our own battleship board and played battleship.

Good Times!

A picture of us with giant seahorses in Pacasmayo.

How could we say no?!

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